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I'm just in love with Burberry. Always have been, always will be. Aaron Paul

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The day we run out of petrol is the day Iran will be free. Abbas Kiarostami

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My wife is pretty geeky and will occasionally quote 'Anchorman' at me. Adam McKay

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Morality will perform all this; and Morality is the fruit of Illumination. Adam Weishaupt

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The creative urge is the demon that will not accept anything second rate. Agnes de Mille

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Peace does not include a vendetta; there will be neither winners nor losers. Ahmed Ben Bella

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Refuse to be average. Let your heart soar as high as it will. Aiden Wilson Tozer

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It is in Toyota's DNA that mistakes made once will not be repeated. Akio Toyoda

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I will say that the environment I grew up in was not the most progressive. Alan Ball

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One in four of us will have a mental illness at some point. That is a lot of people. Alastair Campbell

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Wal-Mart does not do big mergers, though it will buy much smaller competitors in so-called 'tuck-in acquisitions.' Alex Berenson

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Institutions like mutual funds often worry that if they disclose their plans to buy a stock, copycats will move quickly and drive up the stock before the purchase is completed. Alex Berenson

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Conservatives frequently complain of being frozen out of the culture industry, though, like all industries, the culture industry will produce or sell anything it expects to profit from. Alex Pareene

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There will always be someone being picked on at school, and it's not going to go away. Alexa Vega

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A durable, long-term U.S.-China strategic relationship is even more important now than in previous decades. The relationship will continue to grow and prosper to the mutual benefit of all peoples. Alexander Haig

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Those children who are beaten will in turn give beatings, those who are intimidated will be intimidating, those who are humiliated will impose humiliation, and those whose souls are murdered will murder. Alice Miller

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There are very few record companies who will entertain a middle-aged woman coming to them with original material. Alison Moyet

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I never will watch a meet that I don't do well in. I just don't like to. Aly Raisman

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I have a general sense of excitement about the future, and I don't know what that looks like yet. But it will be whatever I make it. Amanda Lindhout

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I love my horror films and they will always be very close to me. Amber Heard

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The industry is big, and if I get an interesting role, I will take it up. Amy Jackson

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Every so often you might have an outburst in the gallery. That's one of the most exciting things that happen because then you can say, 'Unless there's order we will call the Sergeant at Arms.' And that sounds really scary. Amy Klobuchar

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Only when manhood is dead - and it will perish when ravaged femininity no longer sustains it - only then will we know what it is to be free. Andrea Dworkin

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I will say that I wasn't susceptible to Tony Robbins-like pitches, even as a younger man. Andy Kindler

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If the Barbarians are destroyed, who will we then be able to blame for the bad things? Angela Carter

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Clint Eastwood is an extraordinary director because he knows the value of a buck. He knows where it will show on the screen. Angela Lansbury

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I think of myself as a journeyman actress. I will attempt almost anything that I think that I can bring off. It could be almost anything. Angela Lansbury

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Certainly my life will not ever be as private and discreet, and perhaps I should even use the word insulated, as it was before. Anita Hill

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The world is a place that is so interconnected that what happens in another part of the world will impact us. Anthony Fauci

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There cannot be any impediment to science that will ultimately be good to the general public. Anthony Fauci

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