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I've been a video game guy since I was eight years old and got my first Nintendo. I've been addicted to video games ever since. A.J. Styles

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I dated my first girlfriend for, like, two weeks in high school, and when you're in high school, it's so much different. I wanted to hang out with my friends and play video games and play paintball and do guy stuff. Girls were never around for my friends group. Ashton Eaton

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I think a punt can be a big play in a game. If it's anything like a real game, then you realize that a Pat McAfee punt that downs someone inside the 2-yard line can really swing a game. I'm all for punting in video games. Andrew Luck

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I love playing video games, but I'm regularly disappointed in the limited and limiting ways women are represented. Anita Sarkeesian

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I'm a huge nerd, I admit to that. I love to play video games, I love to read, and of course, I've gotta still get my studies in and all. I love to learn. But I also love to do stop motion animation with my little Lego figures. I love to play around on the computer with that. Atticus Shaffer

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I didn't know much about video games. Anna Torv

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Personally, I really enjoy sci-fi. I watch it, I read comic books, and I play video games. Aaron Ashmore

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Sure, I like to win when I play basketball or board games or video games, but my day isn't ruined if I lose. I'm always up for a rematch. In all seriousness, that's something that's nice about maturing. Aaron Staton

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I think the thing we see is that as people are using video games more, they tend to watch passive TV a bit less. And so using the PC for the Internet, playing video games, is starting to cut into the rather unbelievable amount of time people spend watching TV. Bill Gates

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I have friends who come to the Australia Zoo, and it's just, instead of playing video games, we get to hug and kiss a giraffe or walk a tiger. Bindi Irwin

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I didn't grow up playing video games. I grew up catching crawdads in the creek and minnows and lizards and snakes. Blake Shelton

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I got addicted to Tetris, playing it in my basement, I was missing all these airplane flights over it. After the fourth one that I missed, I realized I needed to get rid of this thing - so ever since then, I don't play video games any more. Bam Margera

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Video games are engineered now, but the step I am trying to take, no one can engineer. Bill Budge

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The 1980s was a time of the great recession of interactive entertainment. When Atari fell in 1982, until Nintendo launched its console, video games were an outcast for five years. Bing Gordon

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I played mostly games like Asteroids and Pac-Man. Today, when I go into an arcade, the games are much more difficult and complex. I don't think I could even play some of the video games that are out there today. Brandi Chastain

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I have been playing video games since the Atari 2600 days. Burnie Burns

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I love video games. When I was growing up, video games were very important to me. Ben Schwartz

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You know when you bring your voice to different voiceover things like video games and cartoons, and I do tons of stuff like that in voiceovers and whatnot, it's very fun and freeing. Benito Martinez

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Video games and are creatively booming, even though Web design, as demonstrated by the ugly clutter of most major news sites, is in the pits. Camille Paglia

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Video games are so popular these days, getting the opportunity to star in one is something special. More people should do it. Carrot Top

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I would say I'm pretty much the exact same as the stereotypical American kid. I mean I'm really lazy, I play a lot of video games, I like girls. I like, you know, the violence and action type thing. Callan McAuliffe

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My place of refuge is definitely watching movies and playing video games. I know that's kind of hard to fathom. Cam Newton

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Video games as a storytelling medium are, from a mathematical standpoint, a branching narrative. You start at one place, you can go in multiple different directions, and there's a multitude of different endings. Chris Milk

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I don't play video games. Clive Owen

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I am a kid from the '70s, when video games first started coming out, so I definitely have to say I am a video game junkie to this day. Cobi Jones

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I do a lot of video games - I have a YouTube channel where I record me playing video games with my friends and post it. That's a hobby I have and a lot of what I do in my off time. Chandler Riggs

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My older brother Billy was really into video games, and of course I followed suit. I was such a dork - I was so geeky! Ciara Renee

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I grew up with video games. My generation kind of grew up with the Nintendo and the Sega Genesis. Then, I had a Dreamcast and, finally, the PlayStation. So yeah, I've always been a big gamer. CC Sabathia

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The younger generation is surrounded by the Internet, apps, and video games. But somehow, my books make them read. Chetan Bhagat

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