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Syria is the proud heir of an ancient civilization that has a unique spectrum of minorities that encompasses Muslims and Christians of various denominations. There are at least ten such ethnic and religious groups. Ahmed Zewail

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I like unique little boutique hotels, such as Blakes in London. Alek Wek

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Contemplating Christmas when you are isolated and far from home brings its own unique pain. Amanda Lindhout

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We're all going to keep telling love stories, we're all going to tell hero stories. It's all a question of what your own thumbprint, your own DNA, is, and what it brings to the table that makes it unique. Andrew Stanton

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Very unique: I was a singer-songwriter-guitarist. Very unusual in the late Seventies to find a singer-songwriter, and on top of that, a guitarist. Andy Kindler

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The nature of a protective immune response to HIV is still unclear. Because in a very, very unique manner, unlike virtually any other microbe with which we're familiar, the HIV virus has evolved in a way that the immune system finds it very difficult, if not impossible, to deal with the virus. Anthony Fauci

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I genuinely don't care about the 'number one' tag. That's not my goal. You know, no one does that with heroes, but with actresses it's the same number game. It's not a bloody pageant. Everyone has something unique to offer. Anushka Sharma

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Each person's drive to overwork is unique, and doing too much numbs every workaholic's emotions differently. Sometimes overwork numbs depression, sometimes anger, sometimes envy, sometimes sexuality. Or the overworker runs herself ragged in a race for attention. Arlie Russell Hochschild

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While children are struggling to be unique, the world around them is trying all means to make them look like everybody else. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

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I have met 18 million youth, and each wants to be unique. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

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I have a unique ability to predict the flight of the ball, and my teammates have a unique ability to find me. Abby Wambach

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If you use Facebook - as I do - Facebook in all likelihood has a unique digital file of your face, one that can be as accurate as a fingerprint and that can be used to identify you in a photo of a large crowd. Al Franken

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We owe an historic debt to American Indians. They have a unique set of concerns that haven't been addressed, and I'd like to stand with them. Also, I'd like to get their views on immigration. Al Franken

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It's typical of record companies. They sign you because you're unique, and then they want to put you in a mold so they can sell records. Al Jourgensen

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I feel that a lot of human spirituality stems from the belief that we are unique and special in the universe, but maybe we are just what happens when there is proper temperature and proper distance from the right type of star. Alex Honnold

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My father is a poet. He's a literary giant of this country - writes in Hindi - and also quite unique because he has a Ph.D. in English Literature. He taught at Harvard University, which is one of the most prominent universities in the country. Amitabh Bachchan

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When you are authentic, you create a certain energy... people want to be around you because you are unique. Andie MacDowell

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Women are the engine driving the growth in California's economy. Women make California's economy unique. Arnold Schwarzenegger

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The power of a handwritten letter is greater than ever. It's personal and deliberate and means more than an e-mail or text ever will. It has a unique scent. It requires deciphering. But, most important, it's flawed. Ashton Kutcher

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On buses and trains, I always think about the inexhaustible variety of human genes. We see types, and occasionally twins, but never doubles. All faces are unique, and this is exhilarating, despite the increasingly plastic similarity of TV stars and actors. A. S. Byatt

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I think that being Jewish is in some ways unique because there's this conflation of race, culture and religion. Adam Mansbach

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I'll get out and do Pilates. I'll get in the ring and do some rounds of kickboxing and grappling and MMA conditioning. There's a lot of unique stuff that I do, too, that a lot of people wouldn't imagine or think about doing, like box jumps. You get a 42-inch box and dumbbells and practice working on your explosion jumping up on those boxes. Adrian Peterson

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I think we're quite unique in that we do have our own sound and approach and we don't really care what's going on elsewhere... we've never wanted to be part of another trend or movement. Alex Lifeson

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Bringing together the unique expertise of researchers from both NYU and the Technion will hopefully enable us to overcome some of the most difficult challenges in treating cancer patients. Aaron Ciechanover

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We had at our disposal the first operational jet, which superseded by at least 150 knots the fastest American and English fighters. This was a unique situation. Adolf Galland

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People are fascinating. They're so unique and I think what's more fascinating is the reason behind the physical characteristic, the enigma, that's where the gold dust is. Andrea Riseborough

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Shetland is the most remote place in the U.K. It's a part our country, but completely unique. It might be British, but it's closer to Norway than to Edinburgh, and it feels very different from the mainland. Ann Cleeves

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The atmosphere at Old Trafford is really unique, and when you're a bit tired, they really help you: they shout out your name, and that gives you extra energy. Anthony Martial

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We want every woman to have something unique, a wardrobe she can really make her own. Aslaug Magnusdottir

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I had experiences or exposure to music in church. I went to a church, it was very unique. It was a predominantly African American Catholic church. So they would have - one mass would be traditional church music, and then the other mass would be gospel music. Aaron Diehl

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