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I don't like it when people don't look me dead in the eye. I move my head around trying to catch their eye. A. J. McLean

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I, personally, am trying to get more and more involved with the gay and lesbian movement, very much so. A. J. McLean

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As an actor, we're unemployed a lot, so I'm familiar with the stress of trying to get a gig, and sometimes you take shows that you don't really want to do to keep the money coming in. Aaron Douglas

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I'm trying to have some longevity in this business. If that means not working for a while and just picking the right job, so be it. Aaron Paul

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A lot of people put pressure on me, but I don't think I feel that type of pressure. It is more of a good thing that people are trying to do that. Adam Peaty

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CEOs of top companies could probably use a dose of not-asking-for-raise behavior and less self-entitlement, rather than us trying to change girls in order to fit into the common mold of what we think a CEO looks like. Adora Svitak

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I love old-fashioned manners, as long as it's not forced. I can tell when it's natural or when someone is just trying to impress me. Adriana Lima

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What's the word to describe the thing that all of us are trying to do, which is to found or work for or invest in a company that is the winner of all winners? Aileen Lee

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I don't know why we have to put things in boxes of superlatives. That isolates them. Life is fluid, and the minute you start trying to put a line around something, it will deceive you and go away. Alan Arkin

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The world is full of little dictators trying to run your life. Alan King

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My dream is to be a doctor. I'm almost working in a laboratory, because I'm trying new techniques, new directions and fabrics, new weaving. Alber Elbaz

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Most entertainment is trying to get you. It's tested, like toothpaste. Albert Brooks

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The people on this planet that are trying to live their life, that aren't trying to destroy things, are in the 99.9-percent majority. Albert Brooks

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One thing about Los Angeles is it feels like it's not new. It feels like it's already been built, and it's deteriorating, except for the places they're trying to make nicer. But in general, you drive all through the city, and the city feels like it was new a long time ago. Albert Brooks

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I've been fifty thousand times to the Louvre. I have copied everything in drawing, trying to understand. Alberto Giacometti

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The market always, in theory at least, looks ahead. And it's always trying to take in every bit of information that it can as quickly as it can. You don't really care so much if the company made a dollar last year; you want to know what it's going to make this year. Alex Berenson

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Childhood is just this amazing place, and in my books, I was trying to express my concern about childhood being eroded. You have kids' TV programs being interrupted by terrorist attacks, and kids are exposed to so much these days. Alexandra Adornetto

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For my first acting gig, I was a hand model for a Barbie commercial that was only going to air in Asia. And I was constantly trying to get my face in the shot. Alexandra Daddario

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I'm very conscious of trying to make something epic out of something small and ordinary. Alice McDermott

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I went through an extremely trying ordeal, but I never forgot the world outside was a beautiful place. Amanda Lindhout

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I don't think it should be a surprise when we're talking about energy and trying to have more home-grown energy, be less reliant on foreign oil when you look at our health care that we're trying to get more affordable health care, that these are going to create major debates in this country and be somewhat polarizing. Amy Klobuchar

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Nothing I do is ever void of melody. I know it might seem like I'm doing a lot of rapping, but I'm always utilizing tone and trying to find a key signature. So, I don't look at myself as a rapper. Anderson Paak

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For me, it's about trying to be the best in a sport where there's little room for error. Andre Ward

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I'm just trying to get those marquee victories and continue to get those accomplishments so when the time comes and the vote is cast, hopefully my spot is secured in the Boxing Hall of Fame. Andre Ward

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I started, actually, in journalism when I was - well. I started at the 'New York Times' when I was 18 years old, actually, but really got into journalism when I was 15 years old and had started a sports magazine which was trying to become a national sports magazine. Andrew Ross Sorkin

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If you're trying to do multiple agendas, you'll confuse yourself as a storyteller. If you have one purpose, everything else will fall into place. Andrew Stanton

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I'm not trying to do anything except entertain America. Andy Kindler

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We all perform our lives in a way. And the actor is a perfect metaphor to get at that theme of 'how do we find our authentic selves?' And that we all - whether we're actors or not - perform ourselves. As a way of searching. As a way of fumbling around and trying to say, is this my voice? Is this who I am? Annette Bening

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We still want to idealize moms, and sometimes we want to idealize actresses who are moms, too. I know that's something I've experienced, but we're all just doing the best we can and we're all trying to raise our kids and talk to them about everything that needs to be discussed. Annette Bening

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Part of being innovative in government is sometimes not trying to plot out the last chapter of the book, but to be open and see what comes back. Anthony Foxx

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