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As far as the grunge thing, there are three bands from Seattle that I would call true grunge. Adam Jones

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It is true that Egypt's attempt at democracy after the 2011 revolution encountered many obstacles in governance and infrastructure. Ahmed Zewail

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True beauty is when someone radiates that they like themselves. Aimee Mullins

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Beauty is not skin-deep; it can be a means of self-affirmation, a true indicator of personality and confidence. Aimee Mullins

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'True Blood' differs from 'Six Feet Under' in that there are way more characters and plot-lines, but fundamentally it's still about the characters and their emotions. Alan Ball

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True beauty is born through our actions and aspirations and in the kindness we offer to others. Alek Wek

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'True Detective' did change my career. Alexandra Daddario

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I didn't expect anything crazy to happen from 'True Detective.' Alexandra Daddario

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I've got a soft spot for true individuals. Amber Heard

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A true teacher defends his students against his own personal influences. Amos Bronson Alcott

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I never really did abandon my true self. It's not like I invented this imaginary person and started to be her. Amy Lee

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It's true that I suffered a lot, especially when I was younger. Andrea Bocelli

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It's true I always try to be as seductive as possible but I wouldn't be here if I couldn't play tennis. Anna Kournikova

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It is true that I will confess that I have an incredible fascination for pop-culture stories about the Apocalypse and the end of the world. Annalee Newitz

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I think a lot of us responded intensely to 'True Detective' because it was so incredibly earnest. That's what made it heartbreaking and involving. Annalee Newitz

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I might have been born into a very literal sense of chaos, but in fact that state is true of all of us. Anselm Kiefer

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Just as the supposed number may differ from the true number by fully 100, 150, or even 200 in a flock of 600 sheep, so may I be even more out of my reckoning in the case of these very little animalcules. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

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People feel that in this industry friendships are not for real, but that's not true. Otherwise, what is the point of being friends? Arjun Kapoor

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It's a dream come true as I await the release of my debut single 'Krazy Konnection' with Salim Merchant and then my debut album! Armaan Malik

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True creativity often starts where language ends. Arthur Koestler

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Indeed, every true science has for its object the determination of certain phenomena by means of others, in accordance with the relations which exist between them. Auguste Comte

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True artists are almost the only men who do their work for pleasure. Auguste Rodin

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If we have white persons in the March, we are certain to have trouble with the Communists, and it may not be viewed as a true expression of the Negro's protest. A. Philip Randolph

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It's true that humanity has seen a succession of crises, wars and atrocities, but this negative side is offset by advances in technology and cultural exchanges. Abbe Pierre

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True patriotism is better than the wrong kind of piety. Abraham Lincoln

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The true believer is rewarded in every thing, even in affliction. Abu Bakr

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I was adopting an Ethiopian child, that's not true. My house was haunted, that wasn't true. God, there's been so many rumours. Adele

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I take no pleasure in the fact that the scientific predictions I've relayed to popular audiences turn out to be true. Al Gore

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As an artist, as an actor, as a writer, you have to use what's personal to you. You have to be personal about your work; otherwise, it doesn't ring true. Alan Alda

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I thought the more famous I became, the more friendships I would have, but the opposite was true. Alanis Morissette

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