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You're not a slave to those test audiences. Adam McKay

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I realise I'm still a child, though I do feel older. I recently did an on-line test called 'What's Your True Age?' My result was 50-60 years old. Adora Svitak

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I believe the 'Jeopardy!' test is more difficult than being a contestant on the program. Alex Trebek

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'Gremlins' is one of those eternal movies that stands the test of time and that everyone loves and knows. Alexandra Daddario

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When you start using test audiences, it becomes more scientific than it is about the work itself, and that's boring. Amanda Seyfried

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What's real? What's not? That's what I do in my act, test how other people deal with reality. Andy Kaufman

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It is the test of a novel writer's art that he conceal his snake-in-the-grass; but the reader may be sure that it is always there. Anthony Trollope

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You may come and go, but the real test is to see how long one can manage to stay in the game. Armaan Malik

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I won't back down. I get a satisfaction from being tested and defeating the test. Ashton Eaton

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In the spirit of science, there really is no such thing as a 'failed experiment.' Any test that yields valid data is a valid test. Adam Savage

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To act coolly, intelligently and prudently in perilous circumstances is the test of a man - and also a nation. Adlai E. Stevenson

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You know, being a test pilot isn't always the healthiest business in the world. Alan Shepard

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But when I was selected, after my very first tour of squadron duty, to become one of the youngest candidates for the test pilot school, I began to realize, maybe you are a little bit better. Alan Shepard

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I took a test once; they said I was a genius. Alex Honnold

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You can't test courage cautiously. Annie Dillard

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Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer - and often the supreme disappointment. Ansel Adams

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I'm always aware of trying to put my body in different positions to test it and strengthen muscles that you don't get when you do dumbbell press or pulls or weight-type exercises. Adrian Peterson

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When you go in to do a screen test, you negotiate your contract and sign all your paperwork before you even get on a plane. Allison Tolman

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My experience of test screenings is that you don't know what kind of mood people are going to be in, and sometimes the studios accept what Joe Blo says - and this guy could just be a frustrated filmmaker, or not paying attention. Antoine Fuqua

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California is the highest-tax state in the nation and has been for a long time. It has the highest-paid teachers in the nation, by far - $400 a month more than New Jersey - and yet California is the third lowest state on test scores for fourth and eighth grade English and math in the nation, and has been at the low level for a long, long time. Arthur Laffer

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I flew fighters for the Navy in San Diego for three years, went and did my post-graduate education, and then I was a test pilot in Patuxent River, Maryland, for a few years. I was back in the fleet in the Navy when I was selected to come back here to NASA to become an astronaut. Alan G. Poindexter

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Anything that's memorable about a movie is often what a test audience will object to because they're being asked to be experts. They just compare the film they finished watching to all of the other films that they've seen. Andrew Dominik

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I like test screenings. I like to see a movie with an audience of strangers. I think it tells you a lot. Andrew Dominik

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Area 51 is located in southern Nevada desert about 75 miles north of Las Vegas. It's set inside a greater land parcel that's about the size of the state of Connecticut that's called the 'Nevada Test and Training Range.' Annie Jacobsen

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You can absolutely drive through an atmospheric bomb test and not be affected. Annie Jacobsen

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The area out at Area 51 that was part of the Operation Plumbbob test continues to be contaminated. It was not cleaned up until the '80s. Annie Jacobsen

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In many previously classified documents relating to activities at the base, the words 'Area 51' are conveniently blacked out. There's always a euphemism for it - like 'the test facility' or 'the base' - but never 'Area 51.' Annie Jacobsen

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The star S0-2 orbits around Sgr A* every 16 years and will go through its closest approach in 2018. That's an opportunity to test Einstein's General Relativity theory through very precise measurements of this star's short period orbit. Andrea M. Ghez

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I'm doing great heart-wise. I get a complete stress test once a year, and those have gone well. I have stents in two arteries, and they are holding up. My other arteries haven't shown any additional clogging. Alberto Salazar

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I like one nice man because he gets three tickets for the cinema so we've got somewhere to put our coats. He passes the test. I've been quite surprised because I really didn't expect to be wined and dined, and it's quite nice. Anne Robinson

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