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I have no ambition to surprise my reader. Castles with unknown passages are not compatible with my homely muse. Anthony Trollope

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Life's supposed to be an adventure, a surprise! Anton du Beke

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One of the more difficult tasks for me as president was to decide on the issue of confirming capital punishment awarded by courts... to my surprise... almost all cases which were pending had a social and economic bias. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

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I don't think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I'm gay. Adam Lambert

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I always knew I would be successful. So there was no element of surprise. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

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Machines take me by surprise with great frequency. Alan Turing

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Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise. Alice Walker

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I knew nothing about film at all. I suppose the biggest surprise is all these things. In the theatre we sort of do, I might do two or three key interviews and that would be it. Andrew Lloyd Webber

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I've always had volume on my side: the big-voice-in-a-small-package thing. I surprise people. Anna Kendrick

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The secret to humor is surprise. Aristotle

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My daughter loves to be surprised. And she loves to surprise me. She loves to create games where either one or both of us are surprised, or go away, and then come back. And she loves to play them over and over, and over again. The combo is familiar. Go away. Come back. Surprise! She is only two. I better get used to this. Alysia Reiner

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About 100 things that your kid will do that will surprise you and break your heart and it will be a combination of fact based therapy, medically advised kinds of passages accompanied by celebrity anecdotes and just some funny stuff to lighten the load. Alan Thicke

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The designers usually don't like to say until we're on the runway. Like when I did Prada last year, I couldn't mention doing Prada or even Tweet or take a picture and put it on Twitter saying I was backstage at the Prada show. And Dolce was the same thing. They like to keep a little surprise, I guess, a little secret for everybody. Alessandra Ambrosio

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Writing in a strict form can surprise you. Anne Stevenson

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I'm teetotal and a vegetarian, which is sometimes a surprise to people who meet me expecting me to resemble one of the characters in my books. Allan Guthrie

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Shakespeare very rarely makes the least attempt to surprise by his catastrophes. They are felt to be inevitable, though the precise way in which they will be brought about is not, of course, foreseen. Andrew Coyle Bradley

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I never rehearse scenes with the whole ensemble, because I need to preserve some surprise. Instead, I work with the cast individually on their characters. Arnaud Desplechin

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I wouldn't say I'm a very controlling person. For instance, when I talk to the actors, I don't tell them exactly what I want because I want them to surprise me. I even encourage them to change some of the verses of the script if they need to. Alejandro Amenabar

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I am more of a surprise kind of guy. I love to find out as I go. Amaury Nolasco

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The CIA now assesses that four nations - Iraq, North Korea, Russia and, to the surprise of some specialists, France - have undeclared samples of the smallpox virus. Barton Gellman

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The audience today has heard every joke. They know every plot. They know where you're going before you even start. That's a tough audience to surprise, and a tough audience to write for. It's much more competitive now, because the audience is so much more - I want to say 'sophisticated.' Betty White

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It may be no surprise that Pittsburgh has direct flights to London, Paris and Frankfurt, but consider this: many of the tourists here have come from Europe to the capital of culture in the Alleghenies. Bill Dedman

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We had avoided discovery by the Sioux scouts, and we were confident of giving them a complete surprise. Buffalo Bill

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I'm sure there are a few things in my CD collection that might surprise people. I like classical music, the blues, and I'm a big fan of alternative rock. Brad Paisley

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Comedy is surprise. Comedy is not something that you can, necessarily, do twice. Bryan Callen

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I've always liked New York, as I like towns with an edge and New York has a European feel, so when I came to play music here in the '80s it was a surprise to me. Billy Childish

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If you don't take an opponent serious, they surprise you. Canelo Alvarez

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I like to surprise people. I try to take risks. Carine Roitfeld

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The backbone of surprise is fusing speed with secrecy. Carl von Clausewitz

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Though times have changed, it's a nice surprise to see that youthful feeling of anti-war sentiment returning once more to the cobbled main streets of Europe. Cat Stevens

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