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I became really interested in the study of consciousness. Alex Grey

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The proper study of mankind is books. Aldous Huxley

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The proper study of Mankind is Man. Alexander Pope

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I would love to study guitar or trumpet. Amy Winehouse

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I like to play football, read some books, study. Andrew Luck

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In making a speech one must study three points: first, the means of producing persuasion; second, the language; third the proper arrangement of the various parts of the speech. Aristotle

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Many scholars are not used to perceiving natural knowledge expressed in mythological language. If the study of fossils was not mentioned by Aristotle or Thucydides, and it wasn't, then it just didn't exist for many classicists and ancient historians. Adrienne Mayor

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I study Torah all the time. Amar'e Stoudemire

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I do not read the ancient languages, but I am beginning to study Greek. Anne Rice

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Columbia University, where I went to study in 1993, insisted its undergraduates learn a foreign language, so I discovered French. Aravind Adiga

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We often think that when we have completed our study of one we know all about two, because 'two' is 'one and one.' We forget that we still have to make a study of 'and.' Arthur Eddington

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It was almost forbidden in the Soviet Union to study the New Economic Policy. Anatoly Chubais

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My theory was that what I had to do was make a study of human behavior. A. E. van Vogt

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If you study the Talmud you please God even more than you do by praying or fasting. Abraham Cahan

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When you study postpartum depression, there is a very clear understanding that in communities where you see more support, there is less depression. Ariel Gore

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I gain a lot of confidence through study. Autumn Reeser

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Now it is established in the sciences that no knowledge is acquired save through the study of its causes and beginnings, if it has had causes and beginnings; nor completed except by knowledge of its accidents and accompanying essentials. Avicenna

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One does not study for a goal. One sings because one can't help it! The 'goal' nine times out of ten is a mere accident. Alma Gluck

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Vocal study before age 20 is likely to be injurious, though some survive it in the hands of very careful and understanding teachers. Alma Gluck

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In the piano, one has the instrument complete before he begins; but in the case of the voice, the instrument has to be developed by study. Alma Gluck

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My father was a no-nonsense, dedicated, and focused minister, and there was usually a sermon he needed to prepare for or a Scripture he needed to study, and that always came first. Arsenio Hall

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Being a vegetarian Buddhist would be a bit harsh to deal with in the kitchen, so I'm a Taoist, I study martial arts, and I don't drink or smoke. Arthur Potts Dawson

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When you run into something interesting, drop everything else and study it. B. F. Skinner

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Theater was something that I always wanted to study. Anna Diop

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Textbooks describe economics as the study of the allocation of scarce resources. That definition may be the 'what,' but it certainly is not the 'why.' Ben Bernanke

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Most books on management are written by management consultants, and they study successful companies after they've succeeded, so they only hear winning stories. Ben Horowitz

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It is hard to overstate how valuable it is to have all the incredible tools that are used for human disease to study plants. Bill Gates

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I've been banking my holidays, which means I take time off later in the year. It makes it a lot easier to fit filming in; it can be quite challenging to study and film at the same time. Bindi Irwin

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If man made himself the first object of study, he would see how incapable he is of going further. How can a part know the whole? Blaise Pascal

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The Word we study has to be the Word we pray. Brennan Manning

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