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I support stem cell research, including embryonic stem cell research. Bob Ehrlich

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There are lots of other issues in policy including the stem cell issue. David Baltimore

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Many of the insights of the saint stem from their experience as sinners. Eric Hoffer

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I wholeheartedly support umbilical stem cell research, but also support embryonic stem cell research. Eliot Engel

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Ripe avocados should be soft, not squishy, and you should be able to flick the little stem off easily. Guy Fieri

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I think that for a lot of women there's a subtle but unfortunately effective discouragement of women pursuing the STEM fields. Jennifer Doudna

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If one has not influence to stem the torrent of popular delusion he is reduced to the melancholy part of a spectator in the midst of the ruin. James L. Petigru

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Stem cells are probably going to be extremely useful. Joseph Murray

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When I got really sick and needed a stem cell transplant, I was fortunate to have a twin sister as the donor. Kathy Giusti

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There are no bona fide treatments available for embryonic stem cells. There is nothing in the laboratory, and there is certainly nothing in the clinics available to patients. Michael Burgess

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I'm very grateful that President Obama has lifted the restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. Nancy Reagan

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Cord blood stem cell units have been shown to be a suitable alternative to adult bone marrow for the treatment of many diseases, including sickle cell anemia. Nathan Deal

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Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil. Plato

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Stem cell research can revolutionize medicine, more than anything since antibiotics. Ron Reagan

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You cannot be against embryonic stem cell research and be intellectually and therefore morally consistent, if you're not also against in vitro fertilization. Ron Reagan

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The essential and living elements in our architectural activities stem from what was implanted in us during Old Saturn evolution. Rudolf Steiner

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We need more STEM grads, and we need to quit equipping our competitors. Tim Griffin

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Today's advanced STEM graduate could be tomorrow's world-class, world-changing scientist. Todd Park

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Stem cell research holds out the promise of finding cures and treatments for a wide range of diseases. Tom Allen

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There is an abundance of misinformation, exaggeration, and blatant lies being spread by interest groups regarding the prospects for embryonic stem cell research. Virginia Foxx

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