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I grew up in musical theatre and love to perform on stage. A. J. McLean

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Before I go on stage I pretend that everyone loves me. Adam Levine

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I was terrified of being on stage, and I had to work very hard at a craft to get past that. Alan Arkin

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We get the worrywart, the hypochondriac, the money-grubbing miser, the intractable negotiator... Some would say certain of these refer to the stereotypical, or 'stage' Jew. But objectively speaking, the only crime in humor is an unfunny joke. Alan King

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I have big, big stage fright. Andrea Bocelli

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Stage fright is my worst problem. Andrea Bocelli

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There is also something called the Legislature. There is something called the press. There is something called people. These are all different players on the stage. Andrew Cuomo

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I've given myself permission to say whatever's on my mind when I'm on stage. Andy Kindler

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I've been on stage and been an actor for many years and used different mediums. Andy Serkis

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The jewellery I wear on stage in the opera house is not real, but the bling-bling I wear in concerts? Those are real! Anna Netrebko

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An 'OMG' of mine would probably be speaking on stage and performing in front of thousands of people! Ashley Tisdale

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Each department of knowledge passes through three stages. The theoretic stage; the theological stage and the metaphysical or abstract stage. Auguste Comte

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I made my first stage appearance when I was 6 months old. Alan Alda

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Any play is hard to write, and plays are getting harder and harder to get on the stage. Alan Alda

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I'm most at home on the stage. Alan Alda

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I have never really been confident about my career at any stage. Amitabh Bachchan

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'Phantom of the Opera' started in my little 100-seater converted church in Britain with a stage where we did what we did. But it was the score itself was what made it. Andrew Lloyd Webber

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All Scripture is equally inspired, but not all Scripture is equally applicable or relevant to every stage of life. Andy Stanley

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I wouldn't know any newer bands. We're past the pimple stage. Angus Young

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I didn't want to be perceived as a girly girl on stage. Annie Lennox

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I'm the lady next door when I'm not on stage. Aretha Franklin

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Sometimes I get off stage, and I almost have no recollection of what happened. It's almost like a trance; it's very bizarre. Anat Cohen

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I'll keep going until I get to the point where I can't get out on stage. Andy Williams

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From the stage I've seen people of all ages absolutely roaring at really good toilet humour. Adrian Edmondson

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Over the years, I've loved being on stage with an orchestra, waving my hands around. Anthony Daniels

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The stage is my first love. Anthony Mackie

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Be tenacious. Get as much stage time as possible. Ana Gasteyer

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My stage name has always been 'Armin van Buuren.' When I really started DJ'ing professionally, I already had a few U.K. hits under my belt under the name 'Armin', so I couldn't really change that anymore. Armin van Buuren

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What I found out about stage is that there is such a camaraderie between the actors. Angela Watson

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