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Really, music is what I'm interested in, and the lyric part of it came from just having to have something to sing. Adam Schlesinger

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With Fountains Of Wayne, I almost always start with lyrics - maybe not the entire lyric, but I almost always need a couplet or something, and then I work from there. With Ivy, it's much more about the atmosphere and the vibe. Adam Schlesinger

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When I'm curious about something, I do it full on and take it as far as I go, but when I feel like I've really explored it, I'm OK with putting it aside and going on to something else. Aimee Mullins

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No matter what you do or where you are, you're going to be missing out on something. Alan Arkin

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Life is generally something that happens elsewhere. Alan Bennett

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There's something about a Gucci loafer kicking on a fuzz pedal. Alex Turner

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I have been making wire jewelry - and think I'll really do something with it, eventually. Alexander Calder

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Smell is something that attracts me instantly. So if the guy smells nice, there is an instant attraction. Alia Bhatt

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If we give something value, it becomes valuable. Alia Shawkat

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I'm very conscious of trying to make something epic out of something small and ordinary. Alice McDermott

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I read all the time, and I'm often struck by something I'm reading. Alice Munro

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Actors and singers share common ground in that they both express something. Andra Day

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My idol has been Franco Corelli. But every singer can teach you something. Andrea Bocelli

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There was just something about me she did not like. Andy Griffith

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Recently I read that half the world or more has read 'The Lord of The Rings,' but then I found out that something like 75 per cent of the world knows the 'Tintin' books. Andy Serkis

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Mystery is something that appeals to most everybody. Angela Lansbury

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There's something imminent in the work, but the circle is only completed by the viewer. Anish Kapoor

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I like that I've been through things, that when something happens, it resonates with something that already happened. It's not that things like loss are more or less painful. But they're deeper. I find that fascinating. Annette Bening

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I'm not going to go on Twitter and rant about something. Ansel Elgort

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When I was a child I had something called Perthes' Disease which meant I was on crutches, so I was bullied at school and all that sort of stuff. Antony Beevor

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I have to say that I reject somewhat the distinction between something called art and something called public art. I think all art demands and desires to be seen. Antony Gormley

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Politicians take something out of context to create problems. Anurag Kashyap

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Once I set my mind towards something, it's going to happen. By hook or by crook. Anya Taylor-Joy

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The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows. Aristotle Onassis

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It's better if a singer disconnects from the original and brings something new to the version. Armaan Malik

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When you go into a bar, there are hundreds and hundreds of cameras in that bar - many of them installed by that bar. They might be checking something or taking a picture of you. Astro Teller

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War is something of man's own fostering, and if all mankind renounces it, then it is no longer there. A. A. Milne

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A writer wants something more than money for his work: he wants permanence. A. A. Milne

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When I record something, I'll take a drive and just listen. Aaron Neville

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My grandpa was in the Navy, but it wasn't something that was expected or planned for me to do. Adam Driver

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