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If a line of poetry strays into my memory, my skin bristles so that the razor ceases to act. A. E. Housman

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I wash my skin with Re-Nutrive Intensive Hydrating Skin Cleanser, no toner, and follow with the range's Re-Nutrive Intensive Age-Renewal and Eye Creme. Aerin Lauder

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Whether it is your height, your weight or your skin, someone is going to pick on something and make fun of it. My legs were just a more obvious target. Aimee Mullins

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The Bush administration is the most diverse in history because the president fills jobs on the basis of a person's capabilities and qualifications, not on the color of his or her skin. Alphonso Jackson

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My Uncle, of course, would have been pleased to see someone with brown skin holding the office of president. Alveda King

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There's nothing sexy about skin and bone. You gotta have some junk in the trunk. Amy Lee

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Our skin is very thin. It doesn't take much for us to jump off a ledge or to kill one another. It can happen very, very quickly. Anderson Cooper

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Too many multi-vitamins are packaged as one size fits all, but you should be more specific about what you need. When I was competing as a dancer, I took zinc for healthy skin and immune system. Anton du Beke

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I don't want to endorse products that propagate fair skin at all. Anushka Sharma

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I'm not super comfortable in my skin. I have to make it work for me, and that usually amounts to making it uncomfortable for everyone else. Aubrey Plaza

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I have always been a person who is extremely comfortable in my skin. I have always just been myself in all these years on the public platform. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

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I prefer using cream-based products on my skin. I love having that summery dewy skin - I like using cream blushers as well. Alexa Chung

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My mother and grandmother both had beautiful skin. Andie MacDowell

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The hardened mass of liquid stones had much stronger qualities than those which had simply torn. The skin remained a recognisable part of the molten stone. Andy Goldsworthy

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In levying taxes and in shearing sheep it is well to stop when you get down to the skin. Austin O'Malley

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I use loads of moisturising products and make sure I cleanse, tone and moisturise every day. It's just so important to always keep your skin moisturised. Abbey Clancy

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In a photo shoot, you have to be very comfortable in your own skin. It's all about confidence-boosting and putting on armor. Adelaide Clemens

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I like Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, as it's great for soothing dry skin and adding shine. I use it instead of balm, too. Ashley Madekwe

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Drink a bunch of water and get facials regularly. I take care of my skin. Angela Bassett

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People will make mean comments. People are going to say that you're fat, that you're this, that you're that. You just have to be comfortable in your own skin. Ashley Benson

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My skin gets so dry and chapped, and the second I get off the plane, I apply so much sunscreen. Aurora

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I need human feelings to fit garments. I couldn't do it just, like, on an object - it's too close to our body. It's like a skin you are making, so you need one's feelings to make a garment. Ann Demeulemeester

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At 50 you're more confident, more comfortable in your skin and you don't put up with nonsense, especially from men. Amanda Donohoe

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If it isn't necessary I would rather not subject my skin to too much, so if I don't have anything special to do for the day, I try not to wear any make up. Amanda Schull

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I protect my skin with sunscreen and am religious about keeping my face moisturized and properly protected all day, so I also use a face lotion with SPF 30. Amanda Beard

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My biggest beauty tip would be exfoliation, exfoliation, exfoliation! After a lifetime of almost no breakouts, I started having some pretty embarrassing ones and learned that if you don't exfoliate, your skin has a hard time shedding the old skin and therefore clogs your pores and causes zits. Amanda Crew

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I love skin care and actually wanted to be an esthetician for many years. Ashley Rickards

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I have olive skin, so if I'm in the sun for even 15 minutes, I turn brown. Audrina Patridge

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The mania is like wasps under the skin, like my head's going to explode with ideas. Alice Weaver Flaherty

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First developed as a weapon by the U.S. Army, VX is an oily, odorless and tasteless liquid that kills on contact with the skin or when inhaled in aerosol form. Like other nerve agents, it is treatable in the first minutes after exposure but otherwise leads swiftly to fatal convulsions and respiratory failure. Barton Gellman

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