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Don't try to be what you're not. If you're nervous, be nervous. If you're shy, be shy. It's cute. Adriana Lima

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I used to be very shy. When I first started, I had to go to a casting, and I had to go in a bikini. I thought I was too skinny. But I went in and got the job! And that's how I started. Adriana Lima

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I'm quite shy, so I hate seeing my private life splashed over the papers. Andrea Bocelli

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I'm so shy now I wear sunglasses everywhere I go. Al Pacino

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My first language was shy. It's only by having been thrust into the limelight that I have learned to cope with my shyness. Al Pacino

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I was very quiet, very shy and docile. Ang Lee

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When I meet people for the first time, I'm friendly but shy. I'm much less outwardly nervous than I used to be, but I still get anxious sometimes. Anne Hathaway

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You begin to realize that hypocrisy is not a terrible thing when you see what overt fascism is compared to sort of covert, you know, communal politics which the Congress has never been shy of indulging in. Arundhati Roy

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I have never been shy about listening to the input of others and weighing it seriously. Alice Sebold

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I'm too shy for personal appearances, and I've found out that anytime I talk about my writing, I can't do any writing for many weeks afterward. Anne Tyler

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I was painfully shy, and I had tremendous difficulty making friends. So, lacking friends, I watched other people. Watching is something all writers must do, and it was in junior high that I learned to do it. Alex Flinn

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I went to stage school with a neighbor to build confidence because I was quite shy. Alexandra Roach

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I've always found Mr. Disney to be somewhat of a shy person, a kid at heart. Annette Funicello

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I think that a man should not be shy; you should say what you really think and feel - put it out there. Andre Holland

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Players shy away from talking to announcers today. Al Kaline

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There's a certain amount of self-aggrandising with actors, and I'm terribly shy of that. Anna Chancellor

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Part of me is very shy. Amanda Eliasch

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I'm still a shy person. I've learned to put that aside on certain occasions. I have to. It's part of my job. Alexis Bledel

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I was not a Southern California girl. I hated having my photograph taken. I felt shy and embarrassed around famous people. Allegra Huston

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I am a very private person. I still get shy at times. Amy Weber

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I am shy - going to parties kills me. Anna Maxwell Martin

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I was scouted at the age of 10 by a Hollywood agent. I was a really shy, geeky-looking thing, and started in the industry by doing 'extra' work on films. Austin Butler

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I was introverted, shy. But if you win a lot you need to be extroverted, or they'll think you're arrogant. Alberto Tomba

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Americans are shy about the body. Ana Beatriz Barros

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I'm pretty shy, but if I like a girl, she'll know. Anwar Hadid

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I'm not a natural story-teller. Put a keyboard in front of me and I'm fine, but stand me up in front of an audience and I'm actually quite shy and reserved. Bill Bryson

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I feel shy when people are fussing on me. Blake Lively

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Honestly, I am a shy person. Blake Lively

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