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For years, critics of Fannie Mae have warned that it does not give them enough information to judge its risks. Alex Berenson

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Ask any experienced defense lawyer: the real risks are for an accused person who is innocent. A guilty defendant has many more options available. Andrew Vachss

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I want to reduce my risks as much as possible and hopefully be able to go to the World Cup fit, ready and healthy. Abby Wambach

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I have to say I enjoy physical comedy and I've always loved to kind of take risks. I don't like worrying too much about how I look or how I come across, so that can sometimes... You know, I like to play those kinds of deluded but fun characters. Amy Poehler

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I was not willing to give up because I was born to like taking risks and that is my way of life. Alain Robert

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Improv training allows you to get out of your head a little bit and take more risks, which is something I would like to continue to improve upon. Allison Tolman

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If you're willing to take risks, Twitter is a vast amusement park of interesting life possibilities. Amanda Palmer

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Be open to opportunity and take risks. In fact, take the worst, the messiest, the most challenging assignment you can find, and then take control. Angela Braly

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In America any boy may become President, and I suppose it's just one of the risks he takes. Adlai Stevenson

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Great Britain had a much different situation than we do and did here in the United States, in that they had literally thousands of infected animals with human health risks. Their infectivity in this disease happened before very much was known about it. Ann Veneman

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Deficits must be cut, yes, but the rush to austerity risks undermining the fragile global recovery. Alistair Darling

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You really should not do this job unless you're willing to put in that enormous amount of effort. You should not do the job unless you're willing to take risks. And you shouldn't do the job unless you're willing to lose the job, too. Anthony A. Williams

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I don't think there's any story worth dying for, but I do think there are stories worth taking risks for. Anthony Shadid

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I was profoundly moved to be the first United Nations Secretary-General to attend the Peace Memorial Ceremony in Hiroshima. I also visited Nagasaki. Sadly, we know the terrible humanitarian consequences from the use of even one weapon. As long as such weapons exist, so, too, will the risks of use and proliferation. Ban Ki-moon

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We've protected thousands of people in Libya; we have not seen a single U.S. casualty; there's no risks of additional escalation. This operation is limited in time and in scope. Barack Obama

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The gravest risks from al Qaeda combine its affinity for big targets and its announced desire for weapons of mass destruction. Barton Gellman

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Textbook survival tells you to stay put. Stop. Wait for rescue. Don't take any risks. But there'd been a whole host of survival shows like that and I didn't really want to do that. Bear Grylls

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It's very important for people to know themselves and understand what their value system is, because if you don't know what your value system is, then you don't know what risks are worth taking and which ones are worth avoiding. Ben Carson

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Well private money can take risks in a way that government money often isn't willing to. Bill Gates

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New flood maps in many states have raised the estimation of flood risks along rivers, streams and oceans, adding many properties to flood zones for the first time. Bill Dedman

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The scientific effort to inform the public about landslide risks often runs head-on into powerful economic interests. Bill Dedman

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Philanthropy should be taking much bigger risks that business. If these are easy problems, business and government can come in and solve them. Bill Gates

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I think the risks that people see of terrorism are incredibly important but we are very confident we have got the right people on it and the risks have been minimised. Boris Johnson

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The idea that the EU is somehow the guarantor of peace on the continent - that is in itself rash, in my view, and risks undermining the vital role of Nato. Boris Johnson

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My two biggest lessons learned as a trader are take risks and get comfortable with taking losses and setbacks to help move you forward. Brandon Stanton

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If you like vanilla, you're not going to like 'Breaking Bad' - you need to like a specific flavor that is unusual, that is different, that takes risks. Bryan Cranston

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Actors in general have become very spoiled in the roles they choose these days. When I first started in this profession - about a hundred years ago in the last century - it was all about taking risks, it was about doing the job and honing the craft. Brian Cox

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But the central point is that any campaign against Iraq, whatever the strategy, cost and risks, is certain to divert us for some indefinite period from our war on terrorism. Brent Scowcroft

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When you're fearless, you take more risks because you're less conscious of failure or what can go wrong. Brett Ratner

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In my judgment, the greatest risks are international terrorist groups like al Qaeda and Hezbollah. The war in Iraq has taken our attention off those priorities. Bob Graham

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