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We also never undercut representatives' prices. A representative will always be able to sell the discounts in our core business, which are not offered at retail. So it's never more advantageous to buy there. Andrea Jung

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Our company sells about five to six million pounds of sausage a year. We sell it retail and to restaurants. We've got all kinds of products. Earl Campbell

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I'm not from a retail background, but I am a shopper. Edward Lampert

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Even before it opened its retail arm, Beigh was renowned among pashmina cognoscenti for the quality and complexity of the work produced in its workshop, a large, airy, sunlit rectangle of a room directly across from its second-floor shop. Hanya Yanagihara

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The challenge of the retail business is the human condition. Howard Schultz

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In Peru, awareness of fake currency is so high that retail shops regularly provide cashiers with hole punchers. When a fake bill is received, the cashier quickly pops out a few holes before curtly returning the bill to an oft-surprised client. Jonathan Franklin

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The American consumer is also the American worker, and if we don't do something to protect our manufacturing base here at home, it is going to be hard to buy any retail goods. Lindsey Graham

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I mean, our primary businesses in wholesale pipelines, utilities, retail, were all doing extremely well. Kenneth Lay

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Peer-to-peer lenders originally sought to attract retail investors to its loan marketplace, but the lack of high-returning assets elsewhere in the market has made these platforms increasingly attractive to major asset managers and hedge funds. Kayla Tausche

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Know how to effectively voice a complaint or make a claim at a retail store. Marilyn vos Savant

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I've worked everywhere. I worked in a warehouse packing surf supplies, a restaurant washing dishes, in retail, and I was a 'sandwich artist' at Subway. Margot Robbie

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Arkansas is a state where politics is retail. Mike Huckabee

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When you bring in multi-brand retail items into the country, you're not just bringing the products, but you're also harming local manufacturers. Narendra Modi

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I'm in the retail business, not the circus business. Philip Green

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I've never worked in a retail store, but I did sell shoes at Gimme Shoes in San Francisco, a job I was fired from. Sophia Amoruso

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I'd never worked in fashion or retail. I just needed an undergarment that didn't exist. Sara Blakely

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There's a restaurant in Manhattan called Balthazar, and next to it is Balthazar Bakery. It's tiny, and it's very charming to have that little retail outlet to sell the house desserts and breads. Tom Douglas

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Grandfather was an old-fashioned pharmacist who never ceased venting his resentment at the growing number of retail items the drugstore had to carry, and he would go into periods of fearful rage when the subject of chain stores was raised. Walter Cronkite

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