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'Aiyyaa' is a very quirky film. Anurag Kashyap

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No one says the word 'quirky' much in England. I guess because people are more naturally eccentric. Alexa Chung

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It was more of their quirky show. It was more like a cult show. The ratings weren't really that high. Amy Sedaris

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Quite often, I'll be sent a script for a movie. And I find that I like it, so I say I'll do it. But then they rewrite it for me. They make it quirky. Odd. I find that rather annoying. I call it Walkenising. Christopher Walken

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I grew up in Delhi, where there are no Parsis. But once I came to Mumbai, I realised how quirky Parsis are. Cyrus Broacha

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I play the ukulele. Is that quirky? David Ramsey

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I have collections of quirky things from places I've been to, like a set of Russian dolls. Emma Watson

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On nights that I'm feeling a need to stretch personally and artistically, I tend to put together outfits that are very quirky, mismatched and over-the-top eclectic. Esperanza Spalding

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For delightfully quirky descriptions of bizarre neurological syndromes that teach us a lot about how the brain works, there is no match for Oliver Sacks. Francis Collins

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I'm not really that keen on mainstream; I'm not interested in doing the normal films. I do tend to go for the quirky, different scripts. Gina Bellman

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In week one of the 'X Factor,' just to be a little bit quirky, I decided to say that I like girls who eat carrots. Ever since I've had lots and lots and lots of carrots. Louis Tomlinson

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I don't carry off 'quirky.' Luke Evans

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Obviously, I don't have a high IQ, but I've always liked nerds and quirky guys. Kaley Cuoco

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My parents are very quirky, eccentric. They have their own world. Katy Perry

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Quirky is what a guy would call a girl he doesn't understand. Kat Dennings

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I'm very naturally happy, quirky and positive. Kiesza

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Yes, I'm quirky, loud and crazy. Kimora Lee Simmons

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In the past, I was always drawn to really quirky, idiosyncratic characters. Miranda Otto

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I like playing dark, offbeat, quirky characters. Mischa Barton

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I'm a quirky dude, man. Tony Oller

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Stephen King writes a lot of things that are really charming and quirky, and that are more ironic than horror. William H. Macy

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It's easier to play quirky characters and hide behind wardrobe and make-up, especially. William Sanderson

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