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In order for answers to become clear, the questions have to be clear. Abdolkarim Soroush

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The universe at large is full of questions that we still don't know anything about, and there will be always young people, brilliant, who are going to make new discoveries. Ahmed Zewail

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Because TED is for, and by, unbelievably rich people, they tiptoe around questions of the justness of a society that rewards TED attendees so much for what usually amounts to a series of lucky breaks. Alex Pareene

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I'm not the kind of actress who asks a lot of questions of my directors unless it's something I really need to know. Amy Adams

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But now it's kind of a given that a 15-year-old would have a record deal and sell a quarter of a million records. No one's expecting her to answer any deep theological questions. And I'll tell you, I was asked some deep theological questions from the git-go. Amy Grant

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When it comes to the population explosion, there are two questions on the table. One, is our population growth going to kill us all? And two, is there any ethical way to prevent that from happening? Annalee Newitz

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Asking questions is an essential part of police investigation. In the ordinary sense a police officer is free to ask a person for identification without implicating the Fourth Amendment. Anthony Kennedy

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No one questions the validity, the urgency, the essentiality of the Voting Rights Act. Anthony Kennedy

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The questions to ask are, why was the decathlon so popular before, and what happened to make it fade? I notice a lot of things in general tend to follow that up-and-down trend. Ashton Eaton

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The problem is that those of us who were born into Islam and who don't want to live according to scripture - we don't have what the Jews have, which is a rabbinical tradition that allows you to ask questions. We also don't have the church tradition that the Christians have. Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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One of the very important characteristics of a student is to question. Let the students ask questions. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

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Those who incline to very strictly utilitarian views may perhaps feel that the peculiar powers of the Analytical Engine bear upon questions of abstract and speculative science rather than upon those involving everyday and ordinary human interests. Ada Lovelace

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The prosecution wants to make sure the process by which the evidence was obtained is not truthfully presented, because, as often as not, that process will raise questions. Alan Dershowitz

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Good directors don't answer questions with their work. They generate debate and create discussion. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

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On a Chinese film you just give orders, no one questions you. Here, you have to convince people, you have to tell them why you want to do it a certain way, and they argue with you. Democracy. Ang Lee

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Sometimes God answers our questions with questions. Ann Voskamp

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Please don't ask me for the actual answer to anything, because I don't have it. Because all I do is look at stuff and ask questions. What can I say? I just think the world's barking mad. Look, I'm not an expert. I'm just an ordinary person. Annie Lennox

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People ask me so many questions. Annie Lennox

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I asked questions when I was a stripling, and it is not my business to ask questions now, but to teach people what I have discovered. Apollonius of Tyana

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I'm truly glad I've managed to get the public interested in questions about basic research. Ada Yonath

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The more questions and answers we get, the more useful Quora is. Adam D'Angelo

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On Quora, you're not answering questions because you want to get points or because you have nothing else to do. Adam D'Angelo

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You begin a film more with questions than with direct intentions. It's more of an exploration and discovery. Alexander Payne

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I think in the wake of 9/11, like a lot of Americans, you know, we were all very traumatized by the attacks, traumatized in a totally different way by some of what happened afterward in response. And I think there have been these questions hovering in the past decade of, what kind of country are we? Who are we? Amy Waldman

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I have a profound resistance to the idea that a reader could say, 'Oh, well, that's her story.' We should all be interested, no matter where we come from, or who our parents are. It's not my province; it's ours. These questions concern us all. Anne Michaels

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It's a fantastic privilege to spend three or four hundred pages with a reader. You have time to go into certain questions that are painful or difficult or complicated. That's one thing that appeals to me very much about the novel form. Anne Michaels

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I was obsessed with religious questions, the basics: Why are we here? Why is the world so beautiful? Anne Rice

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If you give an answer to your viewer, your film will simply finish in the movie theatre. But when you pose questions, your film actually begins after people watch it. In fact, your film will continue inside the viewer. Asghar Farhadi

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The subjects have to come with questions for me. I don't make films where I'm a massive fan. Asif Kapadia

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And this is one of the major questions of our lives: how we keep boundaries, what permission we have to cross boundaries, and how we do so. A. B. Yehoshua

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