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No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong. Albert Einstein

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Trial. A formal inquiry designed to prove and put upon record the blameless characters of judges, advocates and jurors. Ambrose Bierce

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Do I really need to prove anything to anybody? I don't feel that I have to prove anything. The only thing that I have to prove is to myself, that I have value. Andie MacDowell

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I've got no need to prove to myself that I can do Shakespeare. I've done it. Anthony Hopkins

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I just feel like I have a lot to prove. Aaron Tveit

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The only thing you can do to lead a crowd is prove your passion to them. Afrojack

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The buffalo isn't as dangerous as everyone makes him out to be. Statistics prove that in the United States more Americans are killed in automobile accidents than are killed by buffalo. Art Buchwald

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One of the chief tasks of any dialogue with the Gentile world is to prove that the distinction between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism is not a distinction at all. Abba Eban

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If we're going to be considered horror filmmakers, we have to prove it not only to ourselves but to the audience that we can actually make something scary. Adam Wingard

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If what I do prove well, it won't advance. They'll say it's stolen, or else it was by chance. Anne Bradstreet

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I basically made it my mission to prove that ethical fashion isn't frumpy and bland. Amanda Hearst

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I'm not trying to prove that I'm capable of doing many things. Angel Olsen

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As long as they're willing to pay to prove it, I'm willing to let them. Arnold Rothstein

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You can't prove somebody is a racist unless they really come out and do the act and is found to be that. Bill Cosby

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That we must love one God only is a thing so evident that it does not require miracles to prove it. Blaise Pascal

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A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don't need it. Bob Hope

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The Anarchists answer that the abolition of the State will leave in existence a defensive association, resting no longer on a compulsory but on a voluntary basis, which will restrain invaders by any means that may prove necessary. Benjamin Tucker

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We came in today with a chip on our shoulder to prove who we are. Bill Laimbeer

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Every quarterback feels like he has something to prove. Brock Osweiler

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Something very significant appears to be happening in America. There is a dramatic shift in voter affinity toward the GOP, and it may prove to be the mountain-too-high for Barack Obama's campaign. Bob Beauprez

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I know nothing about producing TV drama and any involvement on my part is liable to prove an obstacle to the producers, so I prefer to be a cheerleader and let them get on with it. Bernard Cornwell

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I went overseas hoping to prove that all our POWs were home. I came back convinced that they were still alive. Bo Gritz

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I never think I have to prove something. Carine Roitfeld

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Men's arguments often prove nothing but their wishes. Charles Caleb Colton

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My own view is that this planet is used as a penal colony, lunatic asylum and dumping ground by a superior civilisation, to get rid of the undesirable and unfit. I can't prove it, but you can't disprove it either. Christopher Hitchens

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If we can prove an afterlife, then we have less pressure to make our physical life last forever. Chuck Palahniuk

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But I want to just caution, it is not incumbent on the United States to prove that Saddam Hussein is trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction. He's already demonstrated that he's trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction. Condoleezza Rice

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I don't have to show anything to anyone. There is nothing to prove. Cristiano Ronaldo

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I don't think I need to prove anything to anybody. Caroline Wozniacki

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You're constantly trying to prove yourself, even after you've made it. Chester Bennington

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