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My buddy tells me a lot of interesting stories about what goes on in prison - it just makes my head spin about what they deal with on a day-to-day basis. Aaron Douglas

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I hated high school. It was a prison. Alan Alda

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There are thousands of Palestinians in prison virtually for no reason. Alice Walker

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Poor people, people of color - especially are much more likely to be found in prison than in institutions of higher education. Angela Davis

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I'm a prison abolitionist because the prison system as it is set up is just not working. It's horrible. Ava DuVernay

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I was seized on the 8th of June, 1824, in consequence of the war with Bengal and, in company with Dr. Price, three Englishmen, one American, and one Greek, was thrown into the death prison at Ava, where we lay eleven months - nine months in three pairs and two months in five pairs of fetters. Adoniram Judson

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Being an actor in L.A. is like being in prison: you go, you serve your time, you try to replicate Johnny Depp's career - and then you move to Paris. Alex Pettyfer

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I personally am very active with the women's prison association, and I designed a locket, and 100 percent of the proceeds go to the women's prison association. Alysia Reiner

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I have done prison time for 13 years without any conviction. Asif Ali Zardari

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As an independent person, I find it difficult being dependent for everything, for even my food and medicine, to the prison authorities. I have had to fight through the courts for everything, including even physiotherapy, which is my right under the jail manual. Asif Ali Zardari

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Even if I was in prison, I could be free in my head. I can adapt easily. Azzedine Alaia

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That is my major concern: writers who are in prison for writing. Antonia Fraser

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I believe, and I may be wrong, the system sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Prison is supposed to rehabilitate, but they don't do that in a lot of cases. Amaury Nolasco

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I just think it's so outrageous that fifteen years is the kind of minimum amount of time that any wrongfully convicted person spends in prison. Amy J. Berg

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One should respect public opinion insofar as is necessary to avoid starvation and keep out of prison, but anything that goes beyond this is voluntary submission to an unnecessary tyranny. Bertrand Russell

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Lots of people think I went to prison. I never went to prison. I was in jail without bail. Bobby Seale

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I feel empathy for people who are trapped in a prison of self-consciousness in an uncomfortable way. We can be free, but we're so held back. So perhaps that's why I feel a duty to make my work. I feel liberated when I'm doing it, and I want other people to feel liberated through it. Bat for Lashes

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Two men look out the same prison bars; one sees mud and the other stars. Beck

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Galileo wasn't put in prison because he was wrong about anything he discovered looking through his telescope; rather, he was incarcerated simply because he saw what others didn't wish to see. Brin-Jonathan Butler

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Those revolutionaries who have, by chance, escaped the gallows should live and show to the world that they cannot only embrace gallows for the ideal but also bear the worst type of tortures in the dark, dingy prison cells. Bhagat Singh

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America has the longest prison sentences in the West, yet the only condition long sentences demonstrably cure is heterosexuality. Bruce Jackson

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There was a prison uprising at Alcatraz, and I drove the Marines over there in a landing craft to quell the riot. I am the only serviceman I know with an American Theatre ribbon. Bud Grant

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Casting directors now just see me as the hard-core sniper or prison guard. Barry Pepper

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Going to prison is like dying with your eyes open. Bernard Kerik

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When you're going off to prison for the rest of your life, a lot of people do feel the need to explain themselves to all the people they have known. Bryan Burrough

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America should meet its obligations in the form of Social Security, Medicare, our ability to pay our military, legally binding legislation that allows unemployment compensation, the judiciary, the federal court system, the federal prison system, all those kinds of things have to be paid for. Bill Johnson

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What's happened at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq is one of the grossest violations of human rights under the Geneva Conventions that we have record of. It is simply monstrous. Carlos Fuentes

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Facebook seems to think that it would be liberating if everyone's News Feed could be personalized so that people see only and exactly what they want. Don't believe it. That's a prison. Cass Sunstein

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I have a lot of fans who are in the prison system, where ramen noodles are a kind of staple. Prisoners are always sending me recipes. Chuck Palahniuk

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Racism is a moral catastrophe, most graphically seen in the prison industrial complex and targeted police surveillance in black and brown ghettos rendered invisible in public discourse. Cornel West

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