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No matter what political reasons are given for war, the underlying reason is always economic. A. J. P. Taylor

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If only Queen Elizabeth II had the intellectual, political and linguistic skills of Queen Elizabeth I, many people would support giving her some of the powers of an elected president. A. N. Wilson

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Ten years ago I said, you know, my goal is to be able to get food on the table. What I'm trying to say by that is trying to create a vibrant, capable and effective middle class. The quicker and stronger that we can be able to do this, the easier it is for political reform to move forward. Abdullah II of Jordan

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Political development should start at the grassroots. Abdullah II of Jordan

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When I was at 'SNL,' I would constantly get in arguments, 'Why aren't we more political? We're not going after Bush.' Then look what happened - that Sarah Palin season, they were on fire. It was about something. Adam McKay

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I have no political ax to grind; I just find it absurd that huge billion-dollar corporations can take over elections. I just find it insane that, for instance, we give tax breaks to people like myself making millions of dollars, while there're no tax breaks for working people. That, to me, is not a political issue, that's a life issue. Adam McKay

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But alas, they are all sadly deficient, because they leave us under the domination of political and religious prejudices; and they are as inefficient as the sleepy dose of an ordinary sermon. Adam Weishaupt

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November is Hip-Hop History Month, where we give celebration to what hip hop has done to bring together people of the world, people of all nationalities, young people, all the political systems and politicians on the planet. Afrika Bambaataa

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Growing up in Egypt, I never saw the country as divided as it is today. We now have two main political groupings: the Islamist parties and the civil, or liberal, political parties. Ahmed Zewail

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Everywhere in the world there are tensions - economic, political, religious. So we need chocolate. Alain Ducasse

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May I share with you my earliest memory of a political row? It was with my mother, about the Queen - classic Freudian stuff, shrinks would say. I was eight, and refusing to watch the Queen's Christmas Day broadcast. Alastair Campbell

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Please don't begin to believe that the American political establishment is anything but a corrupt puppet of oligarchy. Alex Pareene

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Modern political speechwriting is not a high-minded pursuit for brilliant talents. Alex Pareene

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Modern political speechwriting is certainly a skill, and one that requires experience and practice to master. Alex Pareene

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Political battles are won when the rich favor them. Alex Pareene

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'Political junkies' and liberals will watch MSNBC, and angry, old right-wingers will watch Fox. Alex Pareene

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Political journalists, socially inept or no, are not nerds. Most of them can't do math, a fact that campaigns and politicians regularly exploit. Alex Pareene

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For the most part, congressional Republicans represent people who are whiter, older and richer than most Americans, and our creaky old political system gives those Americans disproportionate influence over public policy. Alex Pareene

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My literary heroes were mostly women writers and thinkers - Joy Williams, Joan Didion, Anne Sexton, June Jordan, Sarah Schulman, Audre Lorde, Cherrie Moraga, Christa Wolf - and much of this writing was political as well as literary. Alexander Chee

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As a writer, I have readers who will have a range of political views. I don't think they look to me for political guidance. Alexander McCall Smith

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It always seemed to be a constant that my parents were political. Alexei Sayle

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I hold with Henry George, that at the back of every great social evil will be found a great political wrong. Alfred Russel Wallace

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Rosie Perez is the coolest. She's kind of everything you want her to be. She's involved in so many cool things, political charities and stuff. Alia Shawkat

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When you see the political parties squabble, if a baby is not allowed to be born, all the other issues do not come into play. Alveda King

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Like Hillary Clinton before her, Mrs. Obama has always been a working woman. She is a lawyer turned hospital administrator turned political right hand. It is a unique resume. Andre Leon Talley

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Genocide begins, however improbably, in the conviction that classes of biological distinction indisputably sanction social and political discrimination. Andrea Dworkin

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Feminism is hated because women are hated. Anti-feminism is a direct expression of misogyny; it is the political defense of women hating. Andrea Dworkin

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Climate change is a controversial subject, right? People will debate whether there is climate change... that's a whole political debate that I don't want to get into. I want to talk about the frequency of extreme weather situations, which is not political. Andrew Cuomo

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Lesson from Pataki's success is: Use the political moment. Andrew Cuomo

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Once you start saying, 'Let's talk political, my own politics, my own aspirations,' it can become not just distracting in that it takes time, but it can become confusing and frustrating, and is this now a political agenda or a governmental agenda. Andrew Cuomo

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