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A master of improvised speech and improvised policies. A. J. P. Taylor

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The BJP decides its own policies. Atal Bihari Vajpayee

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We have sensible fans and sensible policies. David Gill

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I'm proud to be associated with the public policies of Richard Nixon. John McLaughlin

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Hate, emotionalism, and frustration are not policies. Madeleine Albright

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The international community is unwilling to accept the policies of the Iranian regime. Moshe Katsav

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My policies are multi-ethnic and certainly not racist. Pim Fortuyn

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By supporting Reagan, evangelicals were not supporting womanizing or divorce, but they were endorsing Reagan's policies. Robert Jeffress

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Sanctions are a sign of irritation; they are not the instrument of serious policies. Sergei Lavrov

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Utah today remains a battleground for land-use policies. Stewart Udall

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Birthplace of Obama: Oahu. Birthplace of Obama's budget policies: Neverland. Steve Breen

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