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Apocalyptic hysteria is much more effective at getting people to open their wallets than reasonable commentary. Alex Pareene

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You don't get points for leaving the chin open. Andre Ward

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At this year's Open, I'll have five boyfriends. Anna Kournikova

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The Lord knows that I could not open scripture; he must by his prophetical office open it unto me. So after that being unsatisfied in the thing, the Lord was pleased to bring this scripture out of the Hebrews. Anne Hutchinson

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I like it when stories are left open. Alan Rickman

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Zen teaches that once we can open up to the inevitability of our demise, we can begin to transform that situation and lighten up about it. Allen Klein

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I was an open, smiley and gregarious child. I could make friends in 30 seconds wherever I went. America Ferrera

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I try to teach my kids to be open. Antonio Banderas

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I've noticed that the more I open up, the more I learn. Abigail Washburn

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I used to go to the U.S. Open on my birthdays and sit in the nosebleeds. Andy Roddick

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It is unfair to ask Turkey to make a unilateral concession to take goods from Cyprus within the customs union when the E.U. is not open to northern Cyprus. Ali Babacan

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Always my fallback is - I'm gonna move to a poor town and open a scone shop. Andrew Rannells

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Developed countries and advanced developing countries must open their markets for products from the developing world, and support in developing their export and import capacity. Anna Lindh

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A childish soul not inoculated with compulsory prayer is a soul open to any religious infection. Alexander Cockburn

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I guess professionally I've left my gender open to artistic interpretation. Andrej Pejic

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I have always wanted to open up a brewery slash goat farm. Brew some beer, make some goat cheese, but that's kinda dreamy. Adam Lamberg

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Modern diplomats approach every problem with an open mouth. Arthur Goldberg

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The SAS Reserve tends to be made up of former paratroopers and commandos who still want a challenge, but it is open to civilians. Bear Grylls

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In making theories, always keep a window open so that you can throw one out if necessary. Bela Lugosi

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The Fed is totally open. Ben Bernanke

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At the most basic level, a central bank must be clear and open about its actions and operations, particularly when they involve the deployment of public funds. Ben Bernanke

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Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards. Benjamin Franklin

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I read a lot of obscure books and it is nice to open a book. Bill Gates

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I'm very open to the up-and-comers. Bob Newhart

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On the one hand, we'll never experience childbirth. On the other hand, we can open all our own jars. Bruce Willis

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I want to be open to the kids who only speak Spanish, the kids who speak only Spanglish, and the kids who don't even speak Spanish at all. Becky G

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Cycling is open to the whole world. Bernard Hinault

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15 minutes will open up the amnesia and you'll have full recall. Betty Hill

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