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Dietary fat, whether saturated or not, is not a cause of obesity, heart disease or any other chronic disease of civilization. Andrew Weil

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I considered obesity a disease. It can destroy you from within. It almost destroyed me, and I do not want that to happen to anybody. Arjun Kapoor

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Obesity is awesome from a Wall Street perspective. It's not just one disease - there are all sorts of related diseases to profit from. Anne Wojcicki

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Tell people that biology and the environment cause obesity and they are offered the one thing we have to avoid: an excuse. As it is, people who see more fat people around them may themselves be more likely to gain weight. Andrew Lansley

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In India, it's the rich who have problems with obesity. And the poor are darker-skinned because they work outside and often work without their tops on so you can see their ribs. Aravind Adiga

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I think Michelle Obama is on the right track with her Let's Move campaign to bring down childhood obesity. She and I come from the same state, Illinois, which is number four in the nation for obese children. One out of five Illinois children are considered obese. Not overweight, obese. And two-thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese. Aaron Schock

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Tackling childhood obesity is key. Diane Abbott

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Commercials are not the only exposure that obesity gets on TV. It is by no means a rarity on the wonderful Judge Judy's show when both plaintiff and accused all but literally fill the screen. Dick Cavett

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By eating many fruits and vegetables in place of fast food and junk food, people could avoid obesity. David H. Murdock

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As an anti-hunger advocate, I found the perplexity of the obesity problem and the hunger problem existing side-by-side in our increasingly global food system begged further investigation. Ellen Gustafson

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The San Gabriel Valley, stretching from Pasadena to Pomona, is especially starved for open space. The valley has a rich array of ethnically diverse communities, but it also has some of the highest rates of childhood obesity and diabetes in the state. Frances Beinecke

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Cities simply don't have the powers they need to radically innovate in cutting obesity or the number of disaffected teenagers. Geoff Mulgan

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Each and every one of us has unknowingly played a part in the obesity problem. Indra Nooyi

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The problem with the standard American diet, a primary cause of our current obesity epidemic, is the fact that the majority of foods consumed are high in calories and low in micronutrients. Joel Fuhrman

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You can be predisposed genetically, but it's not a sentence. I'm genetically predisposed, but I manage my weight. The root of obesity, though, is usually emotional. The poor habits are a symptom of a deeper emotional issue. Jillian Michaels

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I'm not a flag waver for obesity. It's not healthy, and you have a crap life because there is such a downer on it. Jo Brand

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Obesity affects every aspect of a people's lives, from health to relationships. Jane Velez-Mitchell

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There are definitions of morbid obesity. Doctors define it. Jane Velez-Mitchell

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I would love to speak with First Lady Michelle Obama about the addictive component of obesity. Jane Velez-Mitchell

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You take away the handicap of obesity, and this person becomes someone else. Take a jolly fat man for instance. You talk to him, and his heart is breaking. He wants to be thin. Jean Nidetch

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In the nineteen-eighties, rates of obesity started to rise sharply in the U.S. and around the world. By the nineteen-nineties, obesity reached epidemic proportions. John Seabrook

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If we don't somehow stem the tide of childhood obesity, we're going to have a huge problem. Lance Armstrong

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It is said that the way to prevent obesity is not to allow kids to become overweight in the first place. But it takes a multi-pronged approach that has to start with parents. Kids are just too young to understand the consequences of obesity. Lisa Ling

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The correlation between poverty and obesity can be traced to agricultural policies and subsidies. Michael Pollan

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Contradictory as it seems, malnutrition is a key contributor to obesity. Madeleine M. Kunin

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I know the problem of obesity. I got to tell you, I think that's tepid. I just don't think the bully pulpit is going to be enough to sufficiently fight obesity. We're going to have to have incentives in here. Max Baucus

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We still don't know what evolutionary significance to attach to it, but it is at the very least interesting that a telomere gene is related to obesity. MarĂ­a Blasco Marhuenda

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My reason and inspiration to lose weight and stay fit is my youngest son, Anant, who is fighting obesity. I would like to be an example for him. Nita Ambani

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It's interesting because we live in a country where the obesity is so enormous. And then the reflection on the runways is girls that are so thin. So there's two extremes that are almost like a reflection of themselves, and it's very hard to be in the middle with girls that are just healthy. Nina Garcia

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When you talk about obesity, there's so many things that can cause that. It can be a medical thing, or down to the individual. There's a lot of other things involved than eating a Mars bar. Peter Shilton

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