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I think everyone knows the news has become ridiculous. It's entertainment driven. Adam McKay

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Traditionally, companies have made major announcements before or after the close of trading so that all interested investors and analysts are apprised of the news before trading resumes in their stocks. Alex Berenson

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In market valuation, Yahoo is worth about as much Walt Disney and the News Corporation combined. Alex Berenson

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Don't expect Barton Biggs to be offering his market insights on 'Bloomberg News' anytime soon. His plumber, maybe. Alex Berenson

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Even technology companies get good news sometimes. Alex Berenson

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I only watch MSNBC for the news. Andre Leon Talley

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You are your main news platform, so no publication has as much power as you do about posting about yourself. Ansel Elgort

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While I was doing 'The Newsroom,' I always had the news on on different networks on different TVs around my house and around my office. Aaron Sorkin

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There's no comparison between NPR and the propaganda that you hear from Rush or from Sean Hannity, the news movement conservatives that are just laying out, slathering out the disinformation and the lies, as I discuss in my book, 'Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right.' Al Franken

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I wish there was a news channel that really told you what was going on in the world, not just sensationalized news. Andie MacDowell

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Nothing in fine print is ever good news. Andy Rooney

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The trouble with progress is that it tends to happen slowly and quietly. It's not necessarily going to shout about itself, or make the nightly news like a disaster or a scandal would. Aaron Koblin

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It's getting hard to keep up with all of the news from Washington - witch hunts, conspiracy theories and Republicans tearing each other apart over who is ideologically pure and who is apostate. It's a real set of carnival sideshows. Andrew Rosenthal

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I always wanted to be an anchorman, but after college I wound up working behind the scenes at CBS News for 10 years. Andy Cohen

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The good news, when you write with another, is that you never have an empty page in front of you. The bad news is... you never have an empty page in front of you. Ann Maxwell

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People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news. A. J. Liebling

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There are two sayings that are familiar in every news room across the country: 1. sex sells; 2. if it bleeds it leads. Armstrong Williams

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I don't want the news to be patriotic. I don't want to see flags on the lapels of the anchors. I don't want any of that. Aaron McGruder

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It's amazing that this is still news to people, but that affects the final outcome of the film. When people are treated well, and they're made to feel valued, they give 110 percent. Adam Arkin

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Proprietary programming like news can be a great weapon. Alan Gerry

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But The Same Sea is set precisely in this Israel, which never makes it to the news headlines anywhere. It is a novel about everyday people far removed from fundamentalism, fanaticism nationalism, or militancy of any sort. Amos Oz

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TV news is what you want it to be, and if you want it to be different, take a look at what you watch. Aaron Brown

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We are in the business of gathering the news. We're not in the business of talking about the news. Aaron Brown

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Sometimes we read or hear too much news that makes us fearful or suspicious of others. We can forget that most of the people that we know, or at least encounter regularly, are decent and friendly. Adrienne Clarkson

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I'm a hockey coach and a single mother of two who commutes. I don't watch TV. I watch news, and that's it! Ashleigh Banfield

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News, news, news - that is what we want. You cannot beat news in a newspaper. Arthur Christiansen

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Citizens in a democracy need diverse sources of news and information. Bernie Sanders

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Even the alternative weekly newspapers, traditionally a bastion of progressive thought and analysis, have been bought by a monopoly franchise and made a predictable shift to the right in their coverage of local news. Bernie Sanders

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He who laughs has not yet heard the bad news. Bertolt Brecht

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Because appearing to be fair is part of being fair, most mainstream news organizations discourage marching for causes, displaying political bumper stickers or giving cash to candidates. Bill Dedman

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