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That's Tommy, this great producer who comes in contact with people and must have a mental library of personnel who are great for this and great for that, and he brought this whole group of musicians to the project that I'd never worked with before. Al Jarreau

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If you grow up playing in church, it removes a lot of the boundaries that other musicians might have, growing up with sheet music or whatever. Anderson Paak

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I've done my share of busking, and it's fun until it isn't. There are musicians in the subways that will make you cry, they're so good. Andrew Bird

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Generally my focus has been on people who make things, whether it's writers or directors or painters or musicians. Anton Corbijn

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People think it comes easy to us because we are from a family full of musicians, but I feel it's all about talent. Armaan Malik

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Every musical movement that is big enough has to produce some good musicians who wouldn't have had the incentive to start playing without it. Alexis Korner

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In the mid-1800s, they were known also as 'singsong houses,' and the courtesans were actually master musicians. Amy Tan

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I think that's given inspiration to other musicians. I know, particularly through the 90s, a lot of bands would cite Rush as an influence. I don't think it was so much our music, but more the way we really stuck to our guns. Alex Lifeson

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There are a lot of Israeli musicians in New York because you want to grow and go onstage, and eventually you have to get out of Israel to do that because there aren't enough places to play. Anat Cohen

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I have two brothers that are musicians. My older brother, Yuval, is a saxophone player. My younger brother, Avishai, is a trumpet player. Anat Cohen

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Critics or musicians who attack me are jealous of my success and the fact that I make people feel so happy. Andre Rieu

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Musicians don't respect a lot of the stuff that is on TRL and a lot of musicians think that stuff on the radio is not good musically so when musicians say that they like us it obviously feels good. Adam Rich

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Ideally, musicians belong outside the Establishment. When they cross that line, it's like something in them has died. Alex Kapranos

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It was by listening to Goodman's band, that I began to notice the guitarist Charlie Christian, who was one of the first musicians to play solos in a big band set-up. Alvin Lee

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People had this idea about becoming rock stars packing stadiums instead of having the goal of becoming what musicians used to be in terms of how they would perform and connect people. Amanda Palmer

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It's not nice to say it - I know female musicians, but not so many rappers. I can't think of one I idolize, which is sad, but I'm hoping that will change. Awkwafina

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My grandfather, Arthur Baskerville, he played and still plays a little bit piano and trombone, and so when I was a kid, I always heard jazz around the house, but I also went to his gigs, whether it be a Saturday brunch in my hometown Columbus, Ohio. We'd go and hear him play with some of the local musicians. Aaron Diehl

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We're passionate musicians, but we felt classical concerts were more like a funeral because nobody talked and everybody was dressed so conservatively. We thought that's kind of strange, because music is full of life! We thought we could break through that barrier with theater and comedy elements. Aleksey Igudesman

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I've always been around musicians and always been the songwriter who doesn't end up playing the music. Alex Ebert

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I think the musicians I play with solo do a certain thing that the musicians we play with with the Indigo Girls don't do. It's just a different thing. And it sort of steers my writing in some ways. Amy Ray

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I found that jazz musicians, possibly more than their classical counterparts, wear long-standing friendships easily and gracefully. Andre Previn

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I've always written about people who have very abstracted in a certain way. I write about scientists and artists and musicians. I write about people who live in their heads who are very obsessed about a certain set of details in the physical world. Andrea Barrett

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I try not to become friends with musicians, but life happens and dinner happens and going out happens - it becomes interwoven in L.A. Ariel Rechtshaid

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I have always made commercial music. The people who vote for the Grammy nominees are mostly in their 40s and have other jobs or are musicians themselves. They like music that they can relate to - they like commercial music. Al Walser

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The musicians that didn't know music could play the best blues. I know that I don't want no musicians who know all about music playin' for me. Alberta Hunter

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Musicians are, by and large, not the most politically savvy crew. Ben Shapiro

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I see all the musicians in Blur with equal standing, really. Bernard Sumner

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Musicians now find themselves in the unlikely position of being legitimate. At least the IRS thinks so. Billy Joel

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Like family, we are tied to each other. This is what all good musicians understand. Billy Joel

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Artists - musicians, painters, writers, poets - always seem to have had the most accurate perception of what is really going on around them, not the official version or the popular perception of contemporary life. Billy Joel

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