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I hate musicals. There, I said it. Aaron Paul

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I did musicals from about age 10 to 18. Alison Lohman

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I would like to do some musicals. Andy Lau

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I love architecture almost as much as I love my musicals. Cameron Mackintosh

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I wasn't planning on doing musicals, but that's how I started. Cory Michael Smith

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Doing musicals and theatrical productions, I never did any of my hits. David Cassidy

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I started training for musicals since I was a boy. David Hasselhoff

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I also loved musicals because I was a dancer. Donna Mills

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The musicals that I love on stage are generally meant for the stage. Joss Whedon

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When I was 17, I worked at a bagel shop - I ate so many! I was also in all the school musicals, which we rehearsed for during the afternoons. Jenna Ushkowitz

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You can easily become boxed in and be only identified with musicals or plays. Jill Paice

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'Grease' was how I learned that I really liked music and musicals and movies that included music. Jason Moore

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Do I want to write a musical? No. I like to do musicals. Laura Benanti

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I grew up at the piano, and I longed to write musicals. Marsha Norman

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I hate musicals, especially film musicals. Santigold

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There is already huge public interest in stage musicals. Tim Rice

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But I think musicals are going to have to deal with important subjects. Vincente Minnelli

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Being known for musicals is a great thing. Zac Efron

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I started out doing musicals. Zooey Deschanel

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