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There is a very vibrant cultural scene in Stockholm. There are lots of places where there are concerts, and there are loads of museums and theaters. Bjorn Ulvaeus

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Museums are like sports stadiums, hotels and hospitals: they are in the category of captive-audience dining. Danny Meyer

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Museums do not share their collections with other museums unless they get something in exchange. The Metropolitan will deal with the Louvre, but will they send their stuff to Memphis? No. Eli Broad

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Tourists as well as natives want to see cultural achievements - whether it's the Banaue Terraces, the old churches or museums. F. Sionil Jose

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I applied for funding to embark on an overseas field trip in Iceland, and spent six weeks there happily holed up in the national archives, museums and libraries, sifting through ministerial and parish records, censuses, maps, microfilm, logs, and local histories. Hannah Kent

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Museums are not normally presenting the works on the walls as provocations to work. It's more like going to a Jacuzzi. Hans Haacke

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Our universities and museums are respected around the country. Jane Byrne

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People come to museums for storytelling and engagement, and the technology needs to facilitate that. Jake Barton

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Museums, I think, are becoming more and more aware of how to turn themselves into a must-see spectacle. Jake Barton

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The murals in restaurants are on par with the food in museums. Peter De Vries

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Murals in restaurants are on a par with the food in museums. Peter De Vries

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The itinerary of most antiquities from their source - tomb, temple, quarry - to the shelves of museums or private collectors is murky and often purposely concealed. Peter Landesman

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It's hardly even noticeable that so many artists, designers and architects live here. It isn't reflected in the cityscape or in the museums. Many of the artists, for example, exhibit around the world, just not in Berlin. Olafur Eliasson

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I grew up in a town where there were no galleries, no museums, no theaters - a very religious, ultraconservative community. Robert Wilson

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The number of great museums and nonprofits versus the number of corporate headquarters is incredibly out of whack. Richard Stengel

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Some of our greatest historical and artistic treasures we place in museums; others, we take for walks. Roger Caras

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Instead of stubbornly attempting to use surrealism for purposes of subversion, it is necessary to try to make of surrealism something as solid, complete and classic as the works of museums. Salvador Dali

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I went to the museum where they had all the heads and arms from the statues that are in all the other museums. Steven Wright

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I do not approve of museums trying just to get people to come in. Whistler was very, very clear on this. Vivienne Westwood

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