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Trump doesn't know it yet, but he will become one of the guys that he hates very soon. Soon he will be a loser. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

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I take issue with those who criticize 'The Biggest Loser' for pushing contestants too hard. The whole point is to push them hard. Otherwise, there's no change. Alison Sweeney

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I started running outside when I was at 'Biggest Loser.' Then I got runner's knee, and thought I was never going to be able to shake it. When I overcame that and ran the L.A. Marathon, it was such an amazing thing, and now running is such a part of my routine. Alison Sweeney

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I'm a loser on Sunday. Yeah, I'm a couch potato. I get up and try and eat and then back on the couch. And watch anything. Adam Garcia

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Let me show you how it's done... Loser! Babe Ruth

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There's nothing wrong with being a loser, it just depends on how good you are at it. Billie Joe Armstrong

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'The Assassination of Jesse James' remains one of my favorite films that I've done. You know, it's still labeled a loser. Brad Pitt

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The CrossFit program is broad, general and inclusive, and most of all, the movements can be scaled down to any level of athlete. Just watch what I do with it on 'The Biggest Loser.' Bob Harper

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Charlie Brown is the one person I identify with. C.B. is such a loser. He wasn't even the star of his own Halloween special. Chris Rock

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It used to be that I was always paranoid or a loser or something so there's usually something that you seem to associate yourself with at one time or another. Colin Firth

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Everyone must know by now that the aim of Scrabble is to gain the moral high ground, the loser being the first player to slam the board shut and upset all the letters over the floor. Craig Brown

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I always wanted to film 'Biggest Loser' in Hawaii. We could call it, 'Come on I wanna weigh you.' Caroline Rhea

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My background is that of a competitive athlete and a fighter, and I'm bringing something totally different to 'The Biggest Loser' that wasn't there before. Cara Castronuova

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Second place is just the first place loser. Dale Earnhardt

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All the Junos, the Grammy nominations, the gold and platinum records, did nothing to assuage my conviction that I was an out-and-out loser. Dan Hill

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When I played sports, if you lose the game, and then you complain, that makes you a sore loser. That doesn't make you protester - that just makes you a whiner. D. B. Sweeney

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To many, Homer may appear lazy and a loser, but he's just much misguided. He's boorish, sure, but well meaning and, I guess, the one thing we have in common is the pursuit of lousy diets. Dan Castellaneta

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You have to be able to be a good loser. You have to be okay knowing you're going to fail every day in something without getting mad and upset. Dan O'Brien

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Over the last several years, I've passed defunding Planned Parenthood, the sonogram bill, voter ID. I passed the TSA anti-groping bill, sanctuary cities, loser pay, border security, and the toughest Jessica's law in the entire nation against sexual predators. David Dewhurst

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On my tombstone just write, 'The sorest loser that ever lived.' Earl Weaver

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It's more interesting for me as an audience member to see a movie about a loser. Ethan Coen

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A loser doesn't know what he'll do if he loses, but talks about what he'll do if he wins, and a winner doesn't talk about what he'll do if he wins, but knows what he'll do if he loses. Eric Berne

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Do you really believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, plans to be a loser in history? Gary North

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The path of least resistance is the path of the loser. H. G. Wells

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I like Doritos. I'm usually watching 'The Biggest Loser' eating Doritos. Halle Berry

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That's the biggest gap in sports, the difference between the winner and the loser of the Super Bowl. John Madden

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Part of me suspects that I'm a loser, and the other part of me thinks I'm God Almighty. John Lennon

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I am a sore loser. It's not that I'm so competitive with others. But I'm competitive with myself. I like to do better than I did before. James Altucher

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It's hard to think of yourself as a loser at 2 years old. Jeff Foxworthy

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I'm done with 'Biggest Loser.' Jillian Michaels

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