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London is a vast, complex city designed by the same guy who created the Habitrail. Adam Schlesinger

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In Paris we have bistros, then we have fine dining. In London, you have a very contemporary scene with mixed influences. Alain Ducasse

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When I arrived, I didn't understand London customers perfectly, but we've developed the right style with the right price, and step by step, I'm in harmony with London. Alain Ducasse

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If I had the choice to travel to two places in Europe, it would be Paris and London. Alain Ducasse

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I haven't seen the film yet because I just got in from London. In the scenes where the two characters are bantering with each other, it is like bobbing at the net in tennis. Albert Finney

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When I was 14, I came to school in London. I remember it was very cold, but also having to adjust and become fluent in English. Alek Wek

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I like unique little boutique hotels, such as Blakes in London. Alek Wek

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I went abroad to Malaya and came back and tended naturally to gravitate towards the south, I suppose, near London where things seemed to be going on; but I'm still a Lancashire man, and what I want to write someday is a novel about Manchester. Very much a regional novel. Anthony Burgess

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The Ritz in London has an old-fashioned charm, with waiters wearing tails and white gloves. The dining room is exquisite, with immaculate service and ornate details. Anton du Beke

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When my first novel was published, I went in great excitement round bookshops in central London to see if they had stocked it. Antony Beevor

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Most big cities like London and Glasgow have great big rivers that are unmissable. What's brilliant about the Water of Leith is that it's so hidden. It's a secret. Antony Gormley

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Indian films have this obsession with hygienic clean spaces, even though the country's not so clean. They're either shot in the studios or shot in London, in America, in Switzerland - clean places. Everywhere except India. Anurag Kashyap

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You burned the city of London in our houses and we felt the flames. Archibald MacLeish

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London has been used as the emblematic English city, but it's far from representative of what life in England is actually about. Alan Moore

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There are members of the London press who seek to antagonise me, deliberately. Alex Ferguson

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I like to buy a new fragrance for each film. I'll go out in the city where I'm filming and snap it up. The one I have for 'Into the Woods' is Terry de Gunzburg Flagrant Delice, which I bought in London. Anna Kendrick

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By the time I came to the States, I really understood how a magazine works. I came to 'Vogue' as creative director, and three years later I went back to London to be editor in chief of British 'Vogue.' Anna Wintour

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Although I have lived in London, I have never really considered London my home because it was always going to be a stopping-off point for me, and it has been too. Annie Lennox

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I like where I live here, in London. Annie Lennox

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I think what's going on with gorillas is pretty bad. The fact is that you can buy gorilla meat in London any day you want it. Adam Ant

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Our hearts and prayers go out to the people in London and in Egypt. We're very concerned about it. We are providing our expertise to aid in the investigation in London. Alberto Gonzales

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I went to University College London and read English literature, then realised if you were interested in story and narrative, film was the way to go. Alison Owen

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I loved being in London. Always walking everywhere, always out and about and always at markets, walking around Brick Lane and Covent Garden and Soho. Alice Temperley

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I always knew I would come to London. I loved Glasgow, but it seemed filled with echoes of my parents' lives, and sometimes you just want a city of your own. Andrew O'Hagan

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I'm the co-chair of the PTA at my kids' school, Ashmount Primary, in north Islington, London. Arabella Weir

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Topshop makes the best skinny jeans for my shape. I order online or stock up when I'm back in London. Ashley Madekwe

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Whenever we race in London, the noise of the fans gives me goosebumps. Alistair Brownlee

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London 2012 was superb. It was the best triathlon experience in a million years. Alistair Brownlee

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Mrs. Miniver was an ordinary middle-class English housewife, a character created by Jan Struther when she was commissioned by the 'Times of London' to write a weekly 'cheer-up' article in 1937. Alistair Horne

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In the 17th century, Barbados was regarded in London as 'the brightest jewel in the English crown'. Alistair Horne

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