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Those who have known the famous are publicly debriefed of their memories, knowing as their own dusk falls that they will only be remembered for remembering someone else. Alan Bennett

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Everyone knows a lot about me without actually knowing me at all. Amy Lee

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The whole celebrity culture thing - I'm fascinated by, and repelled by, and yet I end up knowing about it. Anderson Cooper

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He who has seen everything empty itself is close to knowing what everything is filled with. Antonio Porchia

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The one knowing what is profitable, and not the man knowing many things, is wise. Aeschylus

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I'm greedy for that satisfaction of doing something hard and knowing that, even though I was afraid I couldn't do it, that somehow I can deliver. Alan Alda

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I grew up pretty much prevented from knowing anything from Communist China except that they were the bad guys that stole our country. Ang Lee

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A good photograph is knowing where to stand. Ansel Adams

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Don't tell your stories to anyone. You'll be more motivated knowing it's a prerequisite to having an audience. Andy Weir

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It's kind of hard for you to be doing huge things and still be knowing what's happening on the street level. ASAP Ferg

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In every union roles are assumed, some traditional, some not. My husband used to pay his own bills, I used to call my own repairman. But as marriages progress, you surrender areas of your own competence, often without even knowing it. Ayelet Waldman

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Knowing what you can not do is more important than knowing what you can do. In fact, that's good taste. A. C. Benson

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Being an actor really, really strengthens me as a director. There's just a certain type of understanding that comes from having been there and knowing how much is really being asked of actors that helps me. Aaron Ruell

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When it comes to music, something I'm passionate about, and knowing the reach and the power and how it transforms, it saves lives. Music does. Ali Shaheed Muhammad

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I was raised with adults. I skipped knowing how to interact as a normal teenage person. Alice Englert

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In a manner of speaking, the poem is its own knower, neither poet nor reader knowing anything that the poem says apart from the words of the poem. Allen Tate

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I can give you the King's English and then I can take it to the street, but do both or do one and don't do one knowing only the street. That's going to hold you back because what comes out is going to impress people, and it will impress them negatively. Angela Bassett

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I love the characters not knowing everything and the reader knowing more than them. There's more mischief in that and more room for seriousness, too. Anne Enright

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All the knowing ones were consulted as to the issue, and they all agreed, to a man, in one of two opinions: either that Bob would flog Billy, or Billy would flog Bob. Augustus Baldwin Longstreet

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No film should try to follow a trend, and do what film people think the public wants. There's no such thing as knowing what the public wants. Alan Bates

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If there's anything about longevity in television, it's about knowing what to take and what to turn down, and what to stop. Anne Robinson

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I'm not a gamer. I've never played any games. I was more a books and games outdoors kind of a person, so I was extremely daunted when I got this job knowing the size of the fan base and the commitment of the fans to 'Halo.' Anna Popplewell

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Knowing that you're the one who's been rejected, God it makes you feel isolated. I defy anybody not to be a bit upset. I felt as though I'd walked into the house trailing all this baggage. Anthea Turner

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There's a difference between knowing what to do when you're rehearsing it, and being able to do it once you're adrenalized and emotional. That's when the injuries occur. Actors all want to try to pretend that they're experts at everything, but we're not. Antony Starr

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I think that when we were younger, the fact of knowing our uncle Derrike won the Daytona 500. We were racing go-karts then, and I think that really kind of motivated us. Amber Cope

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Faith is not believing that God can. It is knowing that God will. Ben Stein

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There's a gap between people knowing what I do and really believing that I still do that - and wondering what it is I really do. Bill Cosby

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Our understanding of the world around us is constantly being redefined and expanded, and so therefore, it is wiser to be passionate about seeking for truth than knowing it. Bryant H. McGill

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Right now, it's really about my fans knowing that whatever I believed spiritually at the time is what I believed. I just wouldn't deliberately lie to them just to save my image. Brandy Norwood

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If we think of the immune system as a machine, then we are far from even knowing all of its parts. Bruce Beutler

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