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True beauty is born through our actions and aspirations and in the kindness we offer to others. Alek Wek

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Kindness is always fashionable, and always welcome. Amelia Barr

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The end result of kindness is that it draws people to you. Anita Roddick

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A man must have something to grumble about; and if he can't complain that his wife harries him to death with her perversity and ill-humour, he must complain that she wears him out with her kindness and gentleness. Anne Bronte

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Every day, some act of kindness comes my way, even if it's just someone opening the door. It happens every day if you keep an eye out for it. Keeping an eye out, that's the key. Aaron Neville

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He who aspires to paradise should learn to deal with people with kindness. Abu Bakr

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No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Aesop

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The level of our success is limited only by our imagination and no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. Aesop

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Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust, and hostility to evaporate. Albert Schweitzer

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Not always actions show the man; we find who does a kindness is not therefore kind. Alexander Pope

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Whatever possession we gain by our sword cannot be sure or lasting, but the love gained by kindness and moderation is certain and durable. Alexander the Great

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I realized that social media can be powerful force for good in the world and that acts of kindness can be scaled globally. Amy Jo Martin

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Who knows where inspiration comes from. Perhaps it arises from desperation. Perhaps it comes from the flukes of the universe, the kindness of the muses. Amy Tan

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I always say that kindness is the greatest beauty that you can have. Andie MacDowell

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Kindness can come from someone on Twitter, it can come from someone on the street, it can come from someone at work. Without kindness, I don't know what I would do. The greatest part of life is the simple things. Andie MacDowell

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Kindness is really important to me in finding my own prince - so are patience and a sense of humor. Without those qualities he's no Prince Charming! Anne Hathaway

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Ask yourself: Have you been kind today? Make kindness your daily modus operandi and change your world. Annie Lennox

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For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. Audrey Hepburn

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We talk about feelings. And about sex. And about bodies, and their gratification, violation, repair, decoration, deferred, maybe permanently deferred, mortality. Feelings are a bodily thing, and respecting them is called, is, kindness. A. S. Byatt

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The Bible calls us to love our neighbors, and to do justice and love kindness, not to indiscriminately kill one another. Adam Hamilton

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There is an inherent tolerance and kindness in the state school teenagers I know. Arabella Weir

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Attacking the indecency of life in much of the Southern Hemisphere is no longer a matter of grace, of charity, of patronizing kindness. It is a matter of intense self-interest. Anthony Lewis

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If we based everything in Hollywood on who was a nice guy, holy moly, we would have no movies. No actors would work. This is not an industry that is ruled by kindness and generosity. Amy Sherman-Palladino

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There's nothing so kingly as kindness, and nothing so royal as truth. Alice Cary

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I call horses 'divine mirrors' - they reflect back the emotions you put in. If you put in love and respect and kindness and curiosity, the horse will return that. Allan Hamilton

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Our brand of democracy is hard. But I can promise that a year from now, when I no longer hold this office, I'll be right there with you as a citizen - inspired by those voices of fairness and vision, of grit and good humor and kindness that have helped America travel so far. Barack Obama

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Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver. Barbara De Angelis

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He that has done you a kindness will be more ready to do you another, than he whom you yourself have obliged. Benjamin Franklin

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When I pontificate, it sounds so, you know, Oh, well, she's preaching. I'm not preaching, but I think maybe I learned it from my animal friends. Kindness and consideration of somebody besides yourself. I think that keeps you feeling young. I really do. Betty White

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If everyone took personal responsibility for their animals, we wouldn't have a lot of the animal problems that we do. I'm a big spay-and-neuter supporter. Don't have babies if you're not going to take care of those babies. We don't need more. We just need to take care of the ones we have. Take responsibility and breathe kindness. Betty White

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