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That's the thing I like about my sound. It's real raw and very unsafe compared to a solid state kind of sound. Adam Jones

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I would never do 'Stardust Memories' because I don't particularly like that kind of movie - that would be why I wouldn't do that. Adam McKay

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I like switching gears. I'm kind of a chameleon. Adam Schlesinger

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Every year, there's some band that plays guitar-oriented pop music that has a single, but for the most part, it's kind of relegated to the sidelines. Adam Schlesinger

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I tend to write songs that are about something pretty specific. A lot of them tell some kind of little made-up story. Adam Schlesinger

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The ego is kind of a big, unwieldy thing. It's not so easily tamed or subdued. Alan Ball

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I certainly believe that what we perceive as humans is just the tip of the iceberg. I don't necessarily believe in vampires or werewolves or that kind of thing, but I believe there is definitely a realm we don't necessarily have access to. Alan Ball

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Basically, I still have the privacy that all celebrities crave, except for those celebrities who feel that privacy reflects some kind of failure on their part. Albert Brooks

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I was always so scared to sing in front of people. That was kind of my weird thing. Alessia Cara

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I've never really aspired to the spotlight; I just wanted to do music, which is kind of weird because music comes with that spotlight. Alessia Cara

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I need a SUV, for me and my four sisters. So, I've narrowed it down to four, kind of expensive, cars. Alexa Vega

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To the mass of mankind religion of some kind is a necessity. Alfred Russel Wallace

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I usually play grounded, has-their-head-on-straight kind of sassy girls. Alia Shawkat

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After a long run of almost thirty years, you get to the point where you say, 'These are my concerns.' It's not so much this is what I set out to claim - it is a kind of refrain. Alice McDermott

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Today I should not be identified with any kind of regressive therapy. Alice Miller

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I used to have a lot of superstitions, and then I realized that it was kind of hogwash. Once I let go of them, I relaxed a lot. Amy Adams

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I'm not the kind of actress who asks a lot of questions of my directors unless it's something I really need to know. Amy Adams

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As a singer, if I'm in a room that is too cold, I kind of freak out, so I actually like the humidity, and I love the heat. Andra Day

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The fact that I wasn't expected to read music at all and was absorbing everything by ear... it had a huge affect on the kind of musician that I became. Andrew Bird

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I was that kind of kid that was going to the movies every weekend, I couldn't get enough of the movies, and now I get to make them. So I kind of have a one-track mind. Andrew Stanton

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J.J. Abrams and I met, and we just had this incredible kind of vibe between us. Andy Serkis

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Gollum's never really gone too far away from me because he's indelibly kind of printed into my DNA now, I think. Andy Serkis

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Much of what I make is geometric, and has a kind of almost mathematical logic to the form. Anish Kapoor

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I'd like to do a kind of 'Sunday Night At The Palladium'-style variety show on the BBC. Anton du Beke

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If any person examines by the microscope that part towards the extremity of the spider's body from whence its thread proceeds, he will observe the spot to be, as it were, surrounded by five several protuberances or risings, each ending in a point and altogether forming a kind of enclosure. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

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I've been quite lucky in that the roles that I've been able to play are all kind of outsiders. Anya Taylor-Joy

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I tend to build bulk and muscle easily, and running seems to make sure I stay kind of stringy, if that makes sense. Apolo Ohno

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I have a scar on my left thigh, kind of almost near my knee. I essentially fell in the 2002 Olympics and when I hit the wall - because of the impact - my right leg kind of came in at like a knife-type angle and stabbed my leg with my own skate blade. Apolo Ohno

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I'm an armchair kind of guy, especially when it's raining, which it always is and always will be. Arthur Smith

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There are so many emoticons these days, I'm kind of old fashioned. Ashley Tisdale

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