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I would like just one time to be on the cover of Italian Vogue. Adriana Lima

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If my cuisine were to be defined by just one taste, it would be that of subtle, aromatic, extra-virgin olive oil. Alain Ducasse

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I am just one of many thousands called to be an evangelist. Billy Graham

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In the 60s, if you wanted to be an actor, you couldn't do just one thing. Barry Bostwick

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There's all body types, but there's just one size. Conor Oberst

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I'd love to be able to dominate cycling in general, not just one event. Caroline Buchanan

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I'm not one of these guys who is dedicated to playing or performing - that's just one facet of my life. Dick Dale

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Life is just one damned thing after another. Elbert Hubbard

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There are many reasons for kindness, and religion is just one of them. Frans de Waal

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The market turns out to be just one special case of collective decision-making. Geoff Mulgan

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I have so many favorite authors; I can't name just one. Gena Showalter

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After all, just one virus on a computer is one too many. Glenn Turner

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I think there's just one kind of folks. Folks. Harper Lee

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I have just one fiddle. It works, and that's it. It has been an old friend. Itzhak Perlman

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I used to desire many, many things, but now I have just one desire, and that's to get rid of all my other desires. John Cleese

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Sony is looking at 'Descender' as a franchise of films rather than just one movie. Jeff Lemire

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The risk of just one terrorist with just one nuclear weapon is a risk we simply cannot afford to take. John O. Brennan

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This was just one of many times God has spared me. Jack Kelley

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I don't like sticking to just one thing; it bores me. Judi Shekoni

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Sinatra was just one of Mom's friends. Lorna Luft

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I never want to be just one thing - I want to be multidimensional. Katy Perry

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I wished for just one medal as a junior. Mo Farah

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We're just one rock surrounded by this immense universe. Matthew Stewart

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No person is just one particular emotion. Octavia Spencer

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When I preaches, I has just one text to preach from, an' I always preaches from this one. My text is, 'When I found Jesus.' Sojourner Truth

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Britain is not just One Direction, Little Mix, and James Bay. There's Skepta killing it, there's Krept and Konan killing it. Stormzy

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Salma is just one of the great goddesses ever put on this Earth. Woody Harrelson

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My only friends were boys, and I was just one more of them. Victoria Abril

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