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I've learned that you really cannot judge a book by its cover. Aileen Lee

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For years, critics of Fannie Mae have warned that it does not give them enough information to judge its risks. Alex Berenson

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Just as we descend into our consciences to judge of actions which our minds can not weigh, can we not also search in ourselves for the feeling which gives birth to forms of thought, always vague and cloudy? Alfred de Vigny

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A conscience without God is like a court without a judge. Alphonse de Lamartine

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In July of 1983, I left Washington, DC area and have had minimal contact with Judge Clarence Thomas since. Anita Hill

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How one can live without being able to judge oneself, criticize what one has accomplished, and still enjoy what one does, is unimaginable to me. Anna Freud

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You have plaintiffs attorneys, you have defense attorneys. So there is no unified bar that will protect a particular judge who has made a courageous decision that's unpopular. Anthony Kennedy

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It's difficult to judge yourself. Anushka Sharma

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Romanticism has never been properly judged. Who was there to judge it? The critics! Arthur Rimbaud

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If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending, we could then better judge what to do, and how to do it. Abraham Lincoln

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In my first week as a U.S. senator, I had the privilege of participating in the Supreme Court confirmation hearing for Judge Sonia Sotomayor. Al Franken

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So you can't judge the character you're playing ever. Alan Rickman

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I've been asked a lot lately if tennis is clean or not. I don't know any more how you judge whether a sport is clean. If one in 100 players is doping, in my eyes that isn't a clean sport. Andy Murray

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To me, wearing glasses is no pleasure, but once I conceded that I simply couldn't properly judge distance without them, I began to experiment. I tried glasses and found them uncomfortable. I switched to contact lenses, and they also bothered me. Arnold Palmer

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To find out your real opinion of someone, judge the impression you have when you first see a letter from them. Arthur Schopenhauer

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Let you look sometimes for the goodness in me, and judge me not. Arthur Miller

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So in fact the only thing you can judge in this sport its the longterm. You can judge a career or a season, but not one race. Alain Prost

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Ultimately, it's not my job to judge the 'Housewives' - we don't editorialize on the show; we really leave it to the audience. We have a certain wink, which is the Bravo wink. We may linger on a shot or we may let something play out longer, but we leave it to you. Andy Cohen

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After the French Revolution, it was not the treason of the king that was in question; it was the existence of the king. You have to be very careful when you judge and execute somebody for being a symbol. Adam Michnik

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One can criticize the Israeli government, but it is not fair to judge the people of Israel. Antonio Munoz Molina

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As a judge, I held people accountable when they did wrong. That's why I cracked down on violent criminals and stopped the big banks when they tried to kick families out of their homes. Ann Callis

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Youth is ever apt to judge in haste, and lose the medium in the wild extreme. Aaron Hill

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My grandfather had been a well-known judge in Berlin. Arnon Goldfinger

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On the first movie we got good reviews, but we were still dealing with genre stuff. It's going away. Judge the movie - is it a good one or a bad one? We know we made a great movie and it's being judged for just being a good film. Avi Arad

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I don't have the wherewithal to judge God's will. I don't have the wherewithal to determine whether your viewpoints are right or wrong. Amul Thapar

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Let's judge a man on what he's done. Barbara Bush

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The NSA is forbidden to 'target' American citizens, green-card holders or companies for surveillance without an individual warrant from a judge. Barton Gellman

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I don't judge people on their personal lives. Bebe Rexha

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When you're offstage, that's the footprint. That's the man God's gonna judge. Bernie Mac

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Whether a tops-down or bottoms-up investor in bonds, stocks, or private equity, the standard analysis tends to judge an investor or his firm on the basis of how the bullish or bearish aspects of the cycle were managed. Bill Gross

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