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It's not that there is a terrible morality in Hollywood. I think there isn't any. There isn't any, by and large. Alan Arkin

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Well, executive producer can mean anything in the world of Hollywood, sadly. It can be a bought title in many instances. Andrew Stanton

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I'm not someone who likes to be in the whole Hollywood tabloids. Ashley Tisdale

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I have no connection with Hollywood. I'm not interested. I don't care. Adam Carolla

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I don't lead a Hollywood lifestyle. Ang Lee

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I don't hang out at trendy Hollywood bars. Anton Yelchin

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I don't think about Hollywood at all. Alex Cox

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I watch an awful lot of old Hollywood movies - I'll devour anything with Bette Davis or Joan Crawford. My absolute favourite is 'Sunset Boulevard' starring Gloria Swanson. Amanda Donohoe

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Hollywood is a very hard place to be in. It really is. Amber Riley

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Hollywood grew to be the most flourishing factory of popular mythology since the Greeks. Alistair Cooke

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Hollywood studio executives don't recognize the value of female performers as much as male performers. Anna Faris

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Hollywood is the definition of sexual discrimination. Ally Sheedy

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We just recently saw Bruno Mars at the Hollywood Bowl, and he was incredible. Bebe Rexha

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Hollywood always wanted me to be pretty, but I fought for realism. Bette Davis

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I was one of the first women producers in Hollywood. Betty White

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Hollywood didn't kill Marilyn Monroe, it's the Marilyn Monroes who are killing Hollywood. Billy Wilder

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They'll always be an England, even if it's in Hollywood. Bob Hope

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Hollywood and fashion are symbiotic partners, especially during awards season. Brad Goreski

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Old Hollywood glamour just seems, well, old. Brad Goreski

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The dominant theory coming out of Hollywood is that peoples' attention spans are getting shorter and shorter and they need more stimulation. Brian Eno

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For me, my number one Hollywood role model is Jennifer Lopez. Becky G

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In Hollywood, a starlet is the name for any woman under thirty who is not actively employed in a brothel. Ben Hecht

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I'm a Hollywood writer, so I put on my sports jacket and take off my brain. Ben Hecht

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A monoculture is not only Hollywood, but Americans trying to export democracy. Bernardo Bertolucci

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I don't even take myself seriously, so how could I possibly take Hollywood seriously? Brittany Murphy

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I don't think Hollywood per se is supposed to be taken seriously, otherwise, dear Lord, that would be frightening. Brittany Murphy

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I serve and answer to the Texans I represent - not the Hollywood elite. Blake Farenthold

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Everyone in Hollywood has a screenplay. Bryce Dallas Howard

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I think for the last fifteen, twenty years or so, Hollywood has underestimated the appeal of the Western. I think there is still a huge market. Barry Corbin

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In Hollywood through the 50s, there were black, English, and Middle European housekeepers and maids. Bill Condon

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