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Nature, not content with denying him the ability to think, has endowed him with the ability to write. A. E. Housman

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Tennyson seems to be the patron saint of the wishy washies, which is perhaps why I admire him so much, not only as a poet, but as a man. A. N. Wilson

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One of the more surreal days I've ever had in the recording studio was Martin Fry teaching Hugh Grant his old dance moves. Showing him how to do the hair-flip and the point, and all these sort of trademark moves of his. Adam Schlesinger

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If God gives you a watch, are you honoring Him more by asking Him what time it is or by simply consulting the watch? Aiden Wilson Tozer

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I respect my father as a father, but I also respect him as an honorable chairman. Akio Toyoda

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My brother is the youngest member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons. And I wouldn't let him cut my nails. Alan King

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There's a charm, there's a rhythm, there's a soul to Jewish humor. When I first saw Richard Pryor perform, I told him, 'You're doing a Jewish act.' Alan King

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If a listener nods his head when you're explaining your program, wake him up. Alan Perlis

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Did anyone in the White House or the N.S.A or the C.I.A. consider flying to Hong Kong and treating Mr. Snowden like a human being, offering him a chance to testify before Congress and a fair trial? Alex Berenson

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I don't call him 'The Rock' to his face. Alexandra Daddario

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I'm a huge fan of Bill Macy, so working with him in any capacity was exciting for me. Alexandra Daddario

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If Senator Obama becomes pro-life then I'll consider giving him my vote. Alveda King

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African-Americans who might have disagreed with candidate Obama's left-of-center politics voted for him in 2008 because electing a candidate with brown skin was too historic an opportunity to miss. Alveda King

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I fell in love with Nawaz on-screen after watching 'Gangs of Wasseypur.' So my love story starts with him from there. I was quite nervous to act alongside him. He is an excellent actor. Amy Jackson

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Anytime you fight a champion, you got to watch the tape closely and study him closely. Andre Ward

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I was surprised at how slow Froch was. We were able to beat him to the punch. Andre Ward

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I'm not really in Louis CK's circle. It'd probably be harder if we were really close and I went off on him. Andy Kindler

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Originally, I thought, 'Gollum's such a fantastic character, why are you doing him CG? Surely you need to be able to humanise him as much as possible - he's so full of pathos and real emotion.' Andy Serkis

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Gollum is entirely based on the notion of addiction. The way that the ring pervades him, makes him craving, lustful, depletes him physically, psychologically and mentally. Andy Serkis

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J.J. Abrams is an all-time hero of mine, really lovely to be working with him. Andy Serkis

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If I have anything to say against Obama it's not because I'm a racist, it's because I don't like what he's doing as President and anybody should be able to feel that way, but what I find now is that if you say anything against him you're called a racist. Angie Harmon

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Because I was extremely uncomfortable talking about sex with him at all and particularly in such a graphic way, I told him that I did not want to talk about these subjects. Anita Hill

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How did Abraham know that it was God that bid him offer his son, being a breach of the sixth commandment? Anne Hutchinson

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In considering found that the papists did not deny him to be come in the flesh, nor we did not deny him - who then was antichrist? Was the Turk antichrist only? Anne Hutchinson

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Bruce Forsyth is my hero, and the thought that I'd be in a TV show with him was incredible. Anton du Beke

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There's only one God. Call him whatever you want. Arlo Guthrie

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The concept of God in Jewish orthodoxy is one where you're having constant quarrels with God. Where I come from, in Islam, the only concept of God is you submit to Him and you obey His commands; no quarreling allowed. Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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The idea of music is to liberate the listener and lead him to a frame where he feels he is elevated. A. R. Rahman

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My favorite prayer is Footprints in the Sand. You know that prayer? I know the times that he carried me, you know? I kind of wore him out. Aaron Neville

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The shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep's for which the sheep thanks the shepherd as his liberator, while the wolf denounces him for the same act as the destroyer of liberty. Plainly, the sheep and the wolf are not agreed upon a definition of liberty. Abraham Lincoln

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