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I love being in Mumbai and want to continue being here. Amy Jackson

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Britain has enormous amount of talent, as we've seen from the BAFTAs. It's all here, and it has to be allowed to flourish. Andy Serkis

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My father is Hungarian and moved to Britain during the uprising, and my Spanish mum comes from Galicia; they moved here at the end of the Fifties. Anton du Beke

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Here is the surprising truth: It's often easier to make something 10 times better than it is to make it 10 percent better. Astro Teller

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Without faith, I don't think I'd be here. Aaron Neville

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We're not leaving here without Buster, man. Leave no crash-test dummy behind! Adam Savage

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It's been a long way, but we're here. Alan Shepard

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I woke up an hour before I was supposed to, and started going over the mental checklist: where do I go from here, what do I do? I don't remember eating anything at all, just going through the physical, getting into the suit. We practiced that so much, it was all rote. Alan Shepard

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The thing I always default to is that I'll always be here to write songs. Alanis Morissette

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Cheney is a terrorist. He terrorizes our enemies abroad and innocent citizens here at home indiscriminately. Alec Baldwin

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Here, sir, the people govern; here they act by their immediate representatives. Alexander Hamilton

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I like where I live here, in London. Annie Lennox

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A couple of years after I arrived in Hollywood, everything that was Latino was fashionable, and years after, my thought is that we're not fashionable anymore. We're here to stay. Antonio Banderas

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There's a lot of great singers out here. Aretha Franklin

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I'm happy wherever I go, whatever I do. I'm happy in Iowa, I'm happy here in California. Ashton Kutcher

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When you write songs, you're writing little bits here, little bits there. Albert Hammond, Jr.

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Well, there is an attorney-client privilege here that needs to be respected, and it's a privilege that has been found to be worthy of protection by our courts. Alberto Gonzales

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Here in America, people are very professional. Alessandra Ambrosio

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I think that was the case here. We just wanted it to be good for everybody. Adam Arkin

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No parent is there forever. So I won't be here forever with these kids. Anthony Quinn

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I think the biggest adjustment I've made before coming here was going from High A to Double A. I was going in facing pitchers who had more experience and knew how to throw all their stuff for strikes and in hitter's counts, things like that. Andrew Benintendi

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I'm super supportive of locally grown foods and farmers. Here in L.A., I know all of my farmers markets and go there weekly. Anna Getty

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The investor knows quite well that we don't have anymore the widespread terrorism here in Peru. Alberto Fujimori

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Our definition of VIP is not as big as in Macau. But for us, they are VIPs even if they don't spend a lot because we are very hospitable here. Andrew Tan

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An apology for the actions of some troops who, of course, are not representative of the majority of the armed forces here, I think that would have been useful and it would have helped to some extent. Adnan Pachachi

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We can't make any statements here. We can't talk about the internal politics of Paraguay. Alfredo Stroessner

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In the U.S., there are around 300 shows in different networks, so there's a lot of work here. Aml Ameen

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I think that in the near term the only threat to demand is some form of recession here in the United States. Andrew Gould

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I wouldn't trust Nixon from here to that phone. Barry Goldwater

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