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It's hard enough for women to walk on high heels. And I'm on stilts! Aimee Mullins

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I love thigh highs, heels, shorts, or a skirt. Aja Naomi King

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Uggs can be as chic as heels for women. Andre Leon Talley

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A cause may be inconvenient, but it's magnificent. It's like champagne or high heels, and one must be prepared to suffer for it. Arnold Bennett

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The sneaker heels thing is a myth. They were saying, 'They're like sneakers.' No, they're like heels is what they're like. That's like saying a denim skirt is like jeans. It's not. Anna Kendrick

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Our TV and movie cops are usually in heels and pencil skirts. Allison Tolman

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I'm really good with sweats, not really good with heels, and not really good with accessorizing yet. Annie Ilonzeh

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Everyone chases after happiness, not noticing that happiness is right at their heels. Bertolt Brecht

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What can I say? I feel good when I'm wearing heels. I feel sexier, attractive. Blake Lively

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I don't like to be too submissive in the way I dress. I like quite boyish things, so I hardly ever wear high heels. Bat for Lashes

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I broke my ankle ten years ago so high heels are not an option unless I'm literally going door to door for a function. Britt Ekland

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There's nothing like a good pair of heels. Bridget Moynahan

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I started wearing high heels when I first worked with Mario Testino. He is tall; I had to be at his height. And I have never stopped since then. Carine Roitfeld

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I have good legs, so I prefer my skirt lengths and my high heels. It's like my uniform. Carine Roitfeld

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High heels are pleasure with pain. Christian Louboutin

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There is a heel that is too high to walk in, certainly. But who cares? You don't have to walk in high heels. Christian Louboutin

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High heels empower women in a way. Christian Louboutin

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The highest heels I do are six-inch heels - but mostly only dancers can wear them, since they are used to being on point in ballet shoes. Christian Louboutin

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I've always been really good with my heels. Even pregnant, I could perform in heels. Christina Aguilera

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High heels were invented by a woman who had been kissed on the forehead. Christopher Morley

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I do have too many eight-inch heels which I never get to wear. Cameron Russell

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I would like a taller guy so I can wear high heels. Caroline Wozniacki

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One time, I was posing on a car for a calendar shoot. I was doused with oil and literally slid off the car, bikini, heels and all! Candace Kita

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If I'm DJing a show, I will normally wear the designer I'm DJing for; if I'm DJing a party, I will most likely be wearing very high heels. Chelsea Leyland

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I like to get a rise out of my mom with what I wear - I always go for the tallest heels or something super trendy. Christa B. Allen

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I hate kitten heels; they're useless. Either wear heels that are dangerous, or don't wear them at all. Deepika Padukone

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My style is not that big. I wear heels, tight pants, and I wear diamonds. Donatella Versace

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I always wear high heels - I simply feel naked without them. Donatella Versace

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I'm like one of the tallest ones on 'Scandal.' If I'm wearing my four-inch Abby Whelan high heels, I hover over everybody. I literally have a lower pair of high heels that I wear when I do one of the scenes with the guys. Darby Stanchfield

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I always wore the highest heels possible, because the other women on the show were tall. Donna Mills

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