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If only Queen Elizabeth II had the intellectual, political and linguistic skills of Queen Elizabeth I, many people would support giving her some of the powers of an elected president. A. N. Wilson

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I wanted to build a tool for my generation: people 20 to 40 who don't want to spend time balancing a checkbook or checking multiple financial institutions' websites. Mint does just that, giving comprehensive, quick insights into a user's finances from their computer, mobile phone and/or tablet. Aaron Patzer

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Giving up is conceding that things will never get better, and that is just not true. Ups and downs are a constant in life, and I've been belted into that roller coaster a thousand times. Aimee Mullins

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I'll be giving a speech at the randomest place, like a bank or something, and a guy in a suit will say, 'I'm totally freaked out that I'm talking to the girl from 'Cremaster.' For the rest of my life, that movie will be playing in a museum somewhere. I never could have expected that huge response. Aimee Mullins

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'Six Feet Under' was about repressing our deepest, most primal impulses, and 'True Blood' is about giving full sway to them all the time. In a way they are like yin and yang. Alan Ball

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My mother kept the house clean and we ate good. I didn't know we were poor until I started giving interviews. Alan King

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The biggest profit center for investment banks is the hefty fees they charge for underwriting stock offerings and giving financial advice, and analysts put those profits at risk if they publish negative conclusions about the companies that pay the fees. Alex Berenson

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If Uncle Martin were here today, he would surely commend us for giving honor where honor is due. Alveda King

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If Senator Obama becomes pro-life then I'll consider giving him my vote. Alveda King

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I have argued for years that we do not have a health care system in America. We have a disease-management system - one that depends on ruinously expensive drugs and surgeries that treat health conditions after they manifest rather than giving our citizens simple diet, lifestyle and therapeutic tools to keep them healthy. Andrew Weil

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Giving gifts to others is a fundamental activity, as old as humanity itself. Yet in the modern, complex world, the particulars of gift-giving can be extraordinarily challenging. Andrew Weil

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The cliche that comics always use is that whatever is happening in the news is 'the gift that keeps on giving.' I always thought that was a bunch of nonsense. Andy Kindler

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My work is about giving voice to the unheard, and reiterating the voice of the heard in such a way that you question, or re-examine, what is the truth. Anna Deavere Smith

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Nothing gives me more pleasure than acting. But I don't enjoy going for award functions or giving interviews. Anushka Sharma

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Being a soldier's daughter, I understand that what they are doing is the real deal. But me giving statement on the issue is of no significance. Anushka Sharma

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It would be fantastic to spend your whole life trying to pursue something and then finally, at the last moment, you achieve it. You know, instead of getting it in the middle of the pursuit and spending the second half giving it meaning. Ashton Eaton

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To win two Olympic golds in a row like Daley Thompson is very special. One day, I'm going to have to meet Daley, shake his hand, and thank him for giving me something to chase after. Ashton Eaton

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There is no difference between saving lives and extending lives, because in both cases we are giving people the chance of more life. Aubrey de Grey

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When I took over as president, I studied the Constitution, and the more I studied it, the more I realised that it does not prevent the president of India from giving the nation a vision. So when I went and presented this vision in Parliament and in legislative assemblies; everyone welcomed it, irrespective of party affiliations. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

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I have a big problem with people who glamorize dumbness and demonize education and intellect. And I'm giving a pretty good description of Sarah Palin right now. Aaron Sorkin

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We don't understand why we're here, no one's giving us an answer, religion is vague, your parents can't help because they're just people, and it's all terrible, and there's no meaning to anything. Adam Driver

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I wouldn't be able to write a song like 'Someone Like You' and get someone else to sing it because it's so personal. It's like giving away your heart. Adele

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Awards shows mainly publicize the people giving the awards. Alan Alda

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Crony capitalism is essentially a condition in which... public officials are giving favours to people in the private sector in payment of political favours. Alan Greenspan

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Certainly, my many years working in the comics industry, creating products that I do not own, has made me rather fierce on the subject of giving up rights. Alan Moore

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Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present. Albert Camus

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Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves. Albert Einstein

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I'm going to stop giving too much money to charity - the charity is going to become my family. I'm only half-kidding. Alec Baldwin

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I want to thank coach Thompson... for saving my life. For giving me the opportunity. Allen Iverson

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The poet is someone, I think, who's interested in registering experience immediately or giving you the sense of immediacy and directness. Amiri Baraka

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