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Watching a whole cluster of friends, and my own mother, die over quite a short space of time convinced me that purely materialist 'explanations' for our mysterious human existence simply won't do - on an intellectual level. A. N. Wilson

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Even among those who I would not count as 'friends,' I have met many people online who have simply commented on my work or are interested by what I do. Aaron Swartz

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I'm not such a nuisance to the world, and the kick I get out of living can, I suppose, justify the impositions I make on it. But when life isn't so fun, well, then I start to wonder. What's the point of going on if it's just trouble for us both? My friends will miss me, I am told. Aaron Swartz

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Friends give me a hard time about the pants I'm wearing, which are made in China. Well, how do you find the right clothes? Or the right movie studio? The right people giving you checks? Good luck doing the right thing all the time. Adam McKay

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I like to remind myself how hard acting is. I do parts in friends' stuff. Adam McKay

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'The Real World' is the most predictable arc ever. They get on the show, they're all excited, we're gonna be best friends, then people start drinking and get hammered, and say stupid stuff, and that's pretty much it. Adam McKay

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The mosque was the neighbourhood house of worship, but it was also the place where my high school friends and I came to study. Ahmed Zewail

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To start, I wasn't really interested in acting at all, and I didn't make much impact. The first play I was in was on for five nights and I didn't show up for two of them and nobody noticed. But I stayed because that's where my friends were, and after a while I found myself wanting to inhabit other people's worlds and lives. Aidan Gillen

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I have a tremendous network of friends and colleagues at other firms. Aileen Lee

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Friends have suggested that I am the least qualified person to talk about happiness, because I am often down, and sometimes profoundly depressed. But I think that's where my qualification comes from. Because to know happiness, it helps to know unhappiness. Alastair Campbell

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I've been doing comedy since I was two. You know, kids who make other kids laugh. The sickness had set in! I could make my friends' parents laugh; I had a sense of what was silly and funny. Albert Brooks

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I did years of summer stock. I sort of only wanted to be an actor. And then at 19, I was funny, and I had some of these bits that I did for friends, and I immediately could get on television. Albert Brooks

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I love cooking. I love having friends around. Alek Wek

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Christopher Hitchens, the late essayist and sot, was a man who purposefully cultivated a lot of friends of a certain type - rich, self-important, generally dim-witted and hence easy for a well-spoken Oxbridge debater to impress - and he electrified Washington D.C. society mainly by not being a completely charmless bore. Alex Pareene

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For most of the millions of people who watch TED videos at the office, it's a middlebrow diversion and a source of factoids to use on your friends. Except TED thinks it's changing the world, like if 'This American Life' suddenly mistook itself for Doctors Without Borders. Alex Pareene

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I consider my mom and all my sisters my friends. Alexa Vega

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Honestly, I usually have way more guy friends than girlfriends. Alexa Vega

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I have never had other kids in the house... I had a huge collection of marbles, and they all had names, which I think concerned my parents. I used to go and sweep outside and talk to myself, and my mum's friends would be over and say, 'Do you realise she is talking to herself?' Alexandra Adornetto

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Most of my friends are women - I quite fancied being a woman in a way. Alexei Sayle

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I will tell my best friends who I'm attracted to, but I'm not going to talk about it in a newspaper... It has nothing to do with my work. Alia Bhatt

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If you want to do something, then you do it. If you don't want to do something, don't just do it because your friends are doing it, or because all the popular kids are doing it. Alia Shawkat

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But I love singing, and I've been singing backup for friends' bands. Alia Shawkat

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I definitely had a weird thing of being attracted to older men. Never my family friends, never my dad's friends. Alia Shawkat

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I do have friends in Pittsburgh, and I had some wonderful experiences there. Alice McDermott

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All my friends had grandparents who had accents. I thought all grandparents were supposed to have accents. My friends were all second-generation, as I was. Alice McDermott

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If it's very painful for you to criticize your friends - you're safe in doing it. But if you take the slightest pleasure in it, that's the time to hold your tongue. Alice Miller

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Imaginary friends are one of the weirder forms of pretend play in childhood. But the research shows that imaginary friends actually help children understand the other people around them and imagine all the many ways that people could be. Alison Gopnik

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In the early days, myself and my friends were into punk because we had no money, just very basic instruments and skills. It was more about the ethos and the energy. Alison Moyet

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The biggest way I stay motivated is to run with a group of friends. Sometimes it's hard to get going by yourself, but if you have a plan and a meeting time, you know this run will happen for sure. It's a way to have fun - while also getting in a workout. Plus it distracts from pain, helps you fight fatigue, and gives you that extra push. Allyson Felix

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Part of me relates to Perez Hilton because he's an outcast. I don't have a lot of friends who are actresses. They're catty, and they'll cut you down. I like that Perez is proud of who he is and doesn't care what anybody thinks. Amanda Bynes

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