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Your job as a producer is to make suggestions without putting your ego in front of everything else. Also, I think you want to focus on that artist's best qualities and really highlight them. Adam Schlesinger

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Andy Chase and I were keyboard players originally, and we became guitarists later. But it's fun for us to focus more on the keyboard stuff sometimes. Adam Schlesinger

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When I started creating my work for publication, I just assumed that the focus would be on the work itself and that there wouldn't be a lot of interest in who was creating the work. Adrian Tomine

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If you're an athlete and you completely focus on the body, you're missing other components. Similarly, if you're trying to broaden your mind but not also being attentive to your sense of humour and your spirit, then you're not going to grow and develop so fast. Aimee Mullins

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Don't focus on negative things; focus on the positive, and you will flourish. Alek Wek

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Fiction is able to encompass books that are bleak and which dwell on the manifold and terrible problems of our times. But I don't think that all books need to have that particular focus. Alexander McCall Smith

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I think I've learned not to take everything so seriously and just try to focus on the work the most. Alexandra Daddario

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When you focus on life, on enjoying and connecting with other people, that's when work comes. When you focus on work, you can never work. I'm always going through waves of that. Alia Shawkat

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Successful creative adults seem to combine the wide-ranging exploration and openness we see in children with the focus and discipline we see in adults. Alison Gopnik

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When nobody read, dyslexia wasn't a problem. When most people had to hunt, a minor genetic variation in your ability to focus attention was hardly a problem, and may even have been an advantage. When most people have to make it through high school, the same variation can become a genuinely life-altering disease. Alison Gopnik

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My focus is to not focus too much on one genre. Amanda Seyfried

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I struggled academically in high school because it was hard to focus. It was hard to focus on those things that were other than artistic stuff. Andra Day

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What's that show? 'TMZ'? They stand there and say, 'I've got this on this person.' The focus on celebrities can be detrimental because people could be thinking of other things, but it's a part of the culture and it's what sells. Andre Leon Talley

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Losing my sight had nothing to do with my focus on music. My passion for music was already there, so it would be a mistake to give too much significance to my blindness. Andrea Bocelli

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I'm very big on focus. Andrew Cuomo

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Worrisome thoughts and their resulting feelings are a form of self strangulation. They not only strangle your emotions. They affect your physical life as well, and your ability to focus and get things done. Andrew J. Bernstein

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During the financial crisis, I worked with hundreds of executives who struggled as a result of their thoughts about job security. When their beliefs changed, so did their emotional experience - and they were then able to focus on the task at hand more effectively. Andrew J. Bernstein

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Forget about banks that are too big to fail; the focus should be on cities, municipalities and countries that are too big to fail. Andrew Ross Sorkin

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We have to replace our focus on personalities with a focus on ideas so that the opinionated and self-serving pronouncements and forms of cyber-bullying are replaced by thoughtful dialogue and open-minded conversation. Anthony Carmona

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Generally my focus has been on people who make things, whether it's writers or directors or painters or musicians. Anton Corbijn

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I think so many times in our society we focus so much on just the end result; when we finally reach that point we realize that was never the true goal. Apolo Ohno

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I could never focus on my upper body as a skater, so I'm enjoying having symmetrical upper and lower body muscle. Apolo Ohno

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The focus of our public discourse has been on how American companies are competing with Japanese, German, and other foreign companies. What this allows us to ignore is how each of those American companies is really in competition with the families of the workers. That's the real competition. Arlie Russell Hochschild

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As you get older and gain more experience, you're able to do multiple things. You don't necessarily have to focus so hard on your performance in order to have a good one. Ashton Eaton

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If we want to help Google become something meaningfully different in the future, then that's more likely to happen if we focus on the physical world instead. Astro Teller

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I believe India and Israel should focus on building bilateral relations on the basis of shared perspectives and commonalities between our two democracies. This has to be a forward-looking exercise rather than harking back to perceptions of the past. Atal Bihari Vajpayee

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One lesson that every nation can learn from China is to focus more on creating village-level enterprises, quality health services and educational facilities. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

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My sole focus is to help bring a World Cup back to the U.S. Abby Wambach

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Owing to some peculiarity in my nervous system, I have perception of some things, which no one else has; or at least very few, if any... I can throw rays from every quarter of the universe into one vast focus. Ada Lovelace

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I wanted the focus to be on my ability as a singer and as an entertainer - not on my private life. Adam Lambert

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