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Not every song has to be about love and tenderness, sometimes you have those strictly physical feelings for somebody and it's okay to have those feelings. Adam Levine

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Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings. Agnes Martin

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Learn it well in your head, know it well, pick things you know and bring the old you and all the experience you have from singing these various kinds of feelings that are still related to what I have done in the rest of my career. Al Jarreau

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Contempt is the weapon of the weak and a defense against one's own despised and unwanted feelings. Alice Miller

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If you went to your closet today, would you pull out the same outfit you wore 10 or 15 years ago? You wear feelings and faith differently as well. Amy Grant

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Genuine happiness comes from within, and often it comes in spontaneous feelings of joy. Andrew Weil

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I continue to be fascinated by the fact that feelings are not just the shady side of reason but that they help us to reach decisions as well. Antonio Damasio

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Consciousness, much like our feelings, is based on a representation of the body and how it changes when reacting to certain stimuli. Self-image would be unthinkable without this representation. Antonio Damasio

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Emphasis in the Marine Corps isn't on talking about your feelings. Adam Driver

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I've got weird conflicting feelings about my generation. Adam Driver

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The internet is a wild land with its own games, languages and gestures through which we are starting to share common feelings. Ai Weiwei

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If you are pro love, you have to be a little bit disloyal to the romantic feelings that propel you in the early days. Alain de Botton

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I never experienced any feelings of closeness and caring from my parents. Alan Sugar

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Most damage that others do us is out of fear, humiliation and pain. Those feelings occur in all of us, not just in those of us who profess a certain religious or racial devotion. Alice Walker

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My feelings about myself have been terrible. Alvin Ailey

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I think a movie is a media that is evoking feelings. Ang Lee

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I have very strong feelings about how you lead your life. You always look ahead, you never look back. Ann Richards

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If we cannot have moral feelings against homosexuality, can we have it against murder? Can we have it against other things? Antonin Scalia

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One of the most terrible feelings in the world is knowing that someone else doesn't like you. Especially when you don't know what you've done to deserve it. Ariana Grande

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You will never know the feeling of a driver when winning a race. The helmet hides feelings that cannot be understood. Ayrton Senna

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We talk about feelings. And about sex. And about bodies, and their gratification, violation, repair, decoration, deferred, maybe permanently deferred, mortality. Feelings are a bodily thing, and respecting them is called, is, kindness. A. S. Byatt

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You compose because you want to somehow summarize in some permanent form your most basic feelings about being alive, to set down... some sort of permanent statement about the way it feels to live now, today. Aaron Copland

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A mission to Rangoon we had been accustomed to regard with feelings of horror. But it was now brought to a point. We must either venture there or be sent to Europe. Adoniram Judson

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Most people respond to my paintings quite generously, but there have been cases where I think people - a few critics in particular - were actually moved by the work but were disturbed by the feelings it evoked, so they attacked it. Some people find the realm of my work quite uncomfortable. April Gornik

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I have a lot of warm feelings towards the Palestinian people. Ayman Odeh

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I write about my feelings, things that happen in my life and experiences. Aaron Carter

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Large meadows are lovely for picnics and romping, but they are for the lighter feelings. Meadows do not make me want to write. Aimee Bender

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A poem might be defined as thinking about feelings - about human feelings and frailties. Anne Stevenson

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We are all human beings, immigrant or non-immigrant. We all feel fear. We all love and become confused when we don't act as well as we would like to. We all get depressed and have feelings of uselessness. All of these things are true and have always been true. Akhil Sharma

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I need human feelings to fit garments. I couldn't do it just, like, on an object - it's too close to our body. It's like a skin you are making, so you need one's feelings to make a garment. Ann Demeulemeester

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