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No matter what political reasons are given for war, the underlying reason is always economic. A. J. P. Taylor

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No matter what's happening in the Middle East - the Arab Spring, et cetera, the economic challenges, high rates of unemployment - the emotional, critical issue is always the Israeli-Palestinian one. Abdullah II of Jordan

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Trailer home borrowers, mostly near the bottom of the economic ladder, often default on their loans. Alex Berenson

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I respect the state workers and I respect their unions, but we simply can't afford to pay benefits and pensions that are out of line with economic reality. Andrew Cuomo

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There are those on Wall Street and in the plutocracy who feel that Geithner is a hero who deftly steered the country from economic ruin. To many ordinary Americans, however, he is considered a Wall Street puppet and a servant of the so-called banksters. Andrew Ross Sorkin

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The euphoria around economic booms often obscures the possibility for a bust, which explains why leaders typically miss the warning signs. Andrew Ross Sorkin

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We get divided generationally and in other ways - libertarians versus more traditional social conservatives, for example - and we've got to provide some flexibility there. But we don't need to have quite so many litmus tests. We need to have our big picture focused on economic issues. Asa Hutchinson

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Global interdependence today means that economic disasters in developing countries could create a backlash on developed countries. Atal Bihari Vajpayee

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We need to convert the extraordinary goodwill between India and Russia into a thriving, visible, vigorous, and mutually beneficial economic relationship. Atal Bihari Vajpayee

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One of the more difficult tasks for me as president was to decide on the issue of confirming capital punishment awarded by courts... to my surprise... almost all cases which were pending had a social and economic bias. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

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An almost hysterical antagonism toward the gold standard is one issue which unites statists of all persuasions. They seem to sense... that gold and economic freedom are inseparable. Alan Greenspan

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Much fiscal policy is implemented, not through spending increases, but through tax credits and other so-called tax expenditures. The markets should respond to them as they do spending cuts, with little contraction in economic activity. Alan Greenspan

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Freedom is the by-product of economic surplus. Aneurin Bevan

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I come from a country in which I experienced economic collapse. Angela Merkel

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A law can be both economic folly and constitutional. Antonin Scalia

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The economic game is not supposed to be rigged like some shady ring toss on a carnival midway. Arianna Huffington

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Xenophobia manifests itself especially against civilizations and cultures that are weak because they lack economic resources, means of subsistence or land. So nomadic people are the first targets of this kind of aggression. Antonio Tabucchi

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Advances have fallen, generally, for everything except the biggest potential bestsellers. Given all the changes, both economic and technological, SF hasn't done too badly. Alan Dean Foster

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Those looking from Europe see Turkey as an economic success, whereas others from the Middle East see Turkey as a democratic success. Ali Babacan

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It was almost forbidden in the Soviet Union to study the New Economic Policy. Anatoly Chubais

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There are no two countries with the same style of economic mechanism, with the same capitalism. Anatoly Chubais

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If we do not act quickly, Jaxport will fall behind competitors on the East Coast - and the economic engine that has driven this community for the past decade will be put in danger. Ander Crenshaw

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The adaptive markets hypothesis says that all economic institutions, like our own species, develop and change over time, depending on the population of investors that are engaged with them. Andrew Lo

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The WTO has one of the most impressive records in global economic governance, by promoting trade liberalisation and economic development. Anna Lindh

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Last year, customs officials screened only five percent of the 11 million cargo containers entering the United States. That rate is both unacceptable and dangerous to our national and economic interests. Allyson Schwartz

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Again, most of the chief distinctions marked by economic terms are differences not of kind but of degree. Alfred Marshall

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Without economic growth and job creation in Mexico, we won't be able to confront the migratory phenomenon. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

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I would say that workers in general, and white workers particularly, are correct that their economic wellbeing is deteriorating. Andy Stern

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Standing athwart ineffective, feel-good legislation shouting, 'Stop!' is seen as a betrayal of those struggling to get their footing on the lowest rung of the economic ladder. Yet raising the minimum wage hacks the lowest rungs off the ladder altogether. But economic logic doesn't wash with liberals who are intent on inflaming class warfare. Angela McGlowan

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Australia has an economic interest in ensuring our cities have 21st century urban rail transport to reduce traffic congestion. Anthony Albanese

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