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I have developed my most meaningful relationships online. None of them live within driving distance. None of them are about my own age. Aaron Swartz

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Comscore, Nielsen, MediaMetrix and Quantcast studies all show women are the driving force of the most important net trend of the decade, the social web. Aileen Lee

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You can't just come up with an idea for a game and stick the drama on top. It all has to be one driving thrust. Andy Serkis

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Rather than being a luxury, emotions are a very intelligent way of driving an organism toward certain outcomes. Antonio Damasio

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We've seen more reform in the last year than we've seen in decades, and we haven't spent a dime yet. It's staggering how the Recovery Act is driving change. Arne Duncan

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People do really stupid things while driving. Astro Teller

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I leave the story room to grow into what the movie is driving me to do. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

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Our material eye cannot see that a stupid chauvinism is driving us from one noisy, destructive, futile agitation to another. Anne Sullivan

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Music is really driving my whole life. Ariana Grande

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And suddenly I realised that I was no longer driving the car consciously. I was driving it by a kind of instinct, only I was in a different dimension. Ayrton Senna

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I don't know driving in another way which isn't risky. Each one has to improve himself. Each driver has its limit. My limit is a little bit further than other's. Ayrton Senna

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I've been told I have an aggressive driving style. Adam Ferrara

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When I first got my driver's license, I was hit by a drunk driver. He was coming off of a freeway, and I was hurt pretty badly from somebody driving really fast. Amy Heckerling

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I claim Dickens as a mentor. He's my teacher. He's one of my driving forces. Anne Rice

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Well, I've learned something from Michael Robison just about maximizing your shots. For example, if I'm shooting a scene and someone's driving at the wheel, you could steal an insert in the same shot. Anthony Michael Hall

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The driving force behind doing everything that I've been doing for 11 years as a stand-up is having problems with authority and not liking to be told what to do. Anthony Jeselnik

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Practice makes an actor excel. It is like cycling and motor driving. It is an art, which can be learnt and practised. Anupam Kher

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I have so many ideas while I'm driving. Alison Mosshart

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I don't do much driving - about 5,000-6,000 miles a year. And most of that is to the airport and to the racing circuits. Allan McNish

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This would not be a problem if I were driving a snowplow. Aaron Allston

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There are so many elements that make a good film. You need a great director who's driving it. Aaron Johnson

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I won the 2007 U.S. Open and 2009 Masters in my late 30s, largely because of my confident driving. Angel Cabrera

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I've been driving race cars professionally for a while: 200 mph types of things. Antonio Sabato, Jr.

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One night I was driving and so infatuated with dipping French fries into my milk shake that I drove right through a stop sign. The cop who pulled me over had no mercy. Arielle Kebbel

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If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25 cars that got 1,000 MPG. Bill Gates

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As far as the media goes, I'm driving in the left lane at 28 miles an hour. Billy Crystal

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I am a very hands-on person, and I like to be involved in driving my business. Baba Kalyani

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Isn't that wonderful? When we drove through several of the places we lived - Grand Rapids, Washington - they all had those placards. That they stood by the street and had in their hands placards that said 'Gerald Our Ford'. That meant so much to us as we were driving into Washington. Betty Ford

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I love Scotland - I was made an honorary Wallace after my work on 'Braveheart,' you know. If I have two or three days off, I love nothing more than driving up there and climbing around Glencoe. Brian Blessed

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If I'm in Malibu driving up and down Pacific Coast Highway, my '68 Dodge Charger usually is what I like to drive. Brody Jenner

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