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I would be the worst acting coach ever, because I have no idea what I'm doing. Aaron Douglas

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The first part of my career, how I was paying the bills was commercials. I was just doing tons of commercials. Aaron Paul

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Assume nobody else has any idea what they're doing, either. Aaron Swartz

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Nothing is funnier than confidently doing the wrong thing. Adam McKay

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I was shocked when 'The Hobbit' ended where it ended. I wasn't paying attention to what they were doing; I didn't know they had another movie, and I couldn't believe it was when the dragon came out. Adam McKay

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I think when a lot of actors hear improv, they think of throwing a line in or doing a slightly different take. Adam McKay

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For 100 m., you have to go out fast but also bring it back, so we've been doing a lot of work on the back-end speed. Adam Peaty

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I believe I can get faster because I have trained for it, and I'm doing faster times I've ever done in training. Adam Peaty

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I think one of the pitfalls of doing your own music is that sometimes you can never be satisfied with it: you're afraid to say that it's done, and you keep reworking it or re-recording it or re-writing it. Adam Schlesinger

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Bands like R.E.M. and even The Replacements, during that initial wave of college rock, would sell 40, 50, 100,000 copies of a record, and that would be seen as extremely successful - and definitely enough to keep doing more. Adam Schlesinger

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Mostly, I avoid worrying since the time spent doing it could be spent more constructively. Adora Svitak

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Ninety percent of the time when I'm working, there's this very palpable sensation that I'm doing everything wrong and should just give up. Adrian Tomine

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When I started publishing my work, one of the biggest surprises to me was the recurring question about my background and why I wasn't doing more stories about Asian-Americans. Adrian Tomine

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I don't think the way to succeed is by doing something aggressive. Aggression is weak-minded. Agnes Martin

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Your artistry is a muscle that needs to be exercised, so if all you are doing is auditioning, you'll never get the satisfaction of fulfilling the need to play the part. Aja Naomi King

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I have been with the record company and Tommy was there doing records with other people. Al Jarreau

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Performing is just standing up there and doing something. Performance takes on an edge to it. It has a more dramatic context. Alan King

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The thing about politicians in Britain is that they are out there, you can lobby them, get close to them, there are loads of ways you can protest against them, and booing is a pretty weak way of doing it. Alastair Campbell

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If people don't love what you're doing, that doesn't mean you're wrong. Albert Brooks

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I like the acting. It's how I started, and I sort of feel that if I don't give it a little shot now, and I go back, then I'm pretty much done with it. I mean, at what age am I going to do it at? Although, when you see Christopher Plummer and Max von Sydow doing it, I guess the answer is 80. Albert Brooks

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I like playing accents, and doing things like that, it was fun. It was fun. Albert Finney

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I'm doing another Churchill. I did a Churchill for HBO and that was up to 1939 and there's talk of the war years. They were going to do it this fall, but the script wasn't going to be ready. Albert Finney

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I've tried doing so, for it was never my intention to paint only with gray. But in the course of my work I have eliminated one color after another, and what has remained is gray, gray, gray! Alberto Giacometti

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If my mother hadn't encouraged me, I would be nervous and feeling like I'm doing something wrong. Alek Wek

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Rising interest rates are considered bad for stocks because they raise the cost of doing business and depress corporate earnings and because higher yields make bonds relatively more attractive than stocks to investors. Alex Berenson

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For CNBC, and for Wall Street, billion-dollar fines for violations of the law are just part of the price of doing business, along with litigation costs and 'compliance.' Alex Pareene

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Sooner or later something had to give. But President Bush, faced with the unprecedented affront of 9-11, could not wait to take action. So he had to do what we were capable of doing, and he did it brilliantly. Alexander Haig

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I'm a believer in challenging myself and overcoming challenges by doing things I've never done before. Alexandra Daddario

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I feel like it's very important to connect with the people who are passionate about what I'm doing. Alexandra Daddario

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People used to think I was just a shouty comic but I was doing stuff about Sartre. Alexei Sayle

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