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I love diving into different skins, skins that make me feel deep emotions. Aaron Paul

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Starting a company and being a founder is really hard, and most companies fail. You really have to have a deep commitment and belief in it and be willing to see it through many ups and downs. Aileen Lee

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Walking the runway with Alexander McQueen, I really had to dig deep. You're with Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. I was the first person out on the runway, but I thought, 'I have done the Olympics, I can do this.' Aimee Mullins

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All the companies I've worked for have this deep problem of devolving to something like the hunting and gathering cultures of 100,000 years ago. If businesses could find a way to invent 'agriculture,' we could put the world back together and all would prosper. Alan Kay

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To be a character who feels a deep emotion, one must go into the memory's vault and mix in a sad memory from one's own life. Albert Finney

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Not to get too deep, but I think one of the reasons we embrace superheroes and this world is that these are just normal people that have incredible powers that are relatable in some ways - in that we don't have great super powers, but there's strength within us that we can utilize in our lives. Ultimately, they're just normal people with problems. Alexandra Daddario

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But now it's kind of a given that a 15-year-old would have a record deal and sell a quarter of a million records. No one's expecting her to answer any deep theological questions. And I'll tell you, I was asked some deep theological questions from the git-go. Amy Grant

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The first real concert, other than going with my dad to see Three Dog Night, was Smashing Pumpkins and Garbage. I was fourteen or fifteen. I liked Shirley Manson because she reminded me of Annie Lennox. They both have these deep, sexy, powerful alto voices. Amy Lee

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Opera is complex for those who perform it, but also for those who listen to it. It takes more time, more patience and more spirit of sacrifice. All this is well worth it because opera offers such deep sensations that they will remain in a heart for a lifetime. Andrea Bocelli

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One's art goes as far and as deep as one's love goes. Andrew Wyeth

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There's a side that I want to do just like really retarded arty films like parody, pretentious art films that kind of are supposed to have some deep meaning. Andy Milonakis

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A work will only have deep resonance if the kind of darkness I can generate is something that is resident in me already. Anish Kapoor

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Sometimes when I hear criticism of my husband, I want to come out of my seat and clock somebody. But you learn to take a deep breath. Ann Romney

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Somehow we can't live outside the politics of race. There's something very deep in all of us, that is taught to us when we are very, very little. Which is the disrespect and fear of the other. Anna Deavere Smith

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Most women would say they relate to 'Hedda Gabler' - there's a part of her in them. Ibsen was writing about a deep ambivalence that many women feel about domesticity. I think about myself and friends of mine - we have some of Hedda's qualities and traits. Annette Bening

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It is indeed fitting for me to make a comment to the effect that it takes a village to raise a child because I have lived in many villages down in deep south, and everyone there who played a part in my stewardship as a young man growing up and as a professional, they have given me unstinting support. Anthony Carmona

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I'm not the type of guy to go so deep with the concept songs, but there's deep thought in everything. Maybe it's not just a repetitive hook telling you what the song is about - you have to use your brain a little bit. Action Bronson

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The first rappers I ever got into were Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep, and Nas. Those are the guys. Those are the dudes that flipped my wig. Action Bronson

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My dad, he was a construction worker. He was a butcher. He was a deep sea fisherman. Aisha Tyler

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Unless we tell stories about ourselves, which is all that theater is, we're in deep trouble. Alan Rickman

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When I'm off the road, my husband and I recharge our batteries. It's a day of deep rest and connection with the spiritual, and that can be anything - going for a walk in nature, being in silence, burning incense. Alanis Morissette

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Every artist preserves deep within him a single source from which, throughout his lifetime, he draws what he is, and what he says. When the source dries up, the work withers and crumbles. Albert Camus

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Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. Albert Einstein

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Without deep reflection one knows from daily life that one exists for other people. Albert Einstein

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At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. Albert Schweitzer

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Everything deep is also simple and can be reproduced simply as long as its reference to the whole truth is maintained. But what matters is not what is witty but what is true. Albert Schweitzer

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By having a reverence for life, we enter into a spiritual relation with the world By practicing reverence for life we become good, deep, and alive. Albert Schweitzer

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It's famous that comedians have a very dark personal state of mind. I think, in my case, it's the same. The only way to get deep is to have a balance, or a counterbalance. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

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I am an artist, you understand? For me, a picture is like poetry. When you make art, this is not coming from an intellectual place. It's coming from the deep side of your unconscious, your soul. Alejandro Jodorowsky

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In Mexico, when we want to speak deep secrets, we drink pulgue together. It is a drink made from the cactus plant, and when you take the bottle from your mouth, it leaves a string behind, between the mouth and the bottle, like a spider's web. It shows that the truth sticks inside. Alejandro Jodorowsky

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