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At my house, it's an, 'If dad says it, you can say it' kind of deal, so a lot of my slang words come off very childish at this point in my career. A.J. Styles

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My dad didn't want me to listen to Zeppelin, I think because it reminded him of his wilder days, and now he's a retired Southern Baptist minister. Aaron Paul

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I was around computers from birth; we had one of the first Macs, which came out shortly before I was born, and my dad ran a company that wrote computer operating systems. I don't think I have any particular technical skills; I just got a really large head start. Aaron Swartz

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My dad, Donald, was a vet and had a practice in Yorkshire. Cats and dogs were his bread and butter, but his greatest love was large animals. Alastair Campbell

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My dad played a character on the radio called 'Parkyakarkus.' A Greek-dialect comedian. He did Friars' roasts and wrote material and made people laugh that way. But he wrote his own shows with other writers. Albert Brooks

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My dad died right after performing at the Friars' roast for Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. I have that tape somewhere. There's still a lot of good jokes in there. I mean, that was 1958. Albert Brooks

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My dad was great. He was very droll, very dry. Albert Finney

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My dad always supported me. Sometimes we didn't have anything to eat for breakfast, but if we could eat lunch and dinner, we weren't poor. Albert Pujols

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I guess if you are making more money than your mom and dad, you can set your own boundaries. Alexa Vega

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I get a lot of advice from my dad about how I should be as a human being, but as an actor, I think he'll give me advice once I'm doing a film for him. Alia Bhatt

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My dad is too cute. Every morning, he sends me one motivational quote. I have a folder full of all his quotes. Alia Bhatt

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I definitely had a weird thing of being attracted to older men. Never my family friends, never my dad's friends. Alia Shawkat

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My dad, he is such a soft man. Even if he has these opinions about my boyfriends, he will be the sweetest guy. He will make you feel like you're fascinating and awesome, even if he doesn't like you that much. Amanda Seyfried

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Come Christmas Eve, we usually go to my mom and dad's. Everybody brings one gift and then we play that game when we all steal it from each other. Some are really cool, others are useful and some are a bit out there. Amy Grant

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Thanks to having my dad travel with me, I don't feel quite cut off from my family. Amy Jackson

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My mum is really fair and has blonde hair, and my dad is not dark, either. Amy Jackson

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My dad did a radio show. I was on it when I was seven. So now you know that the showbiz bug bit me really early. Amy Jackson

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My dad was a sports writer when I was younger and then he became just a general columnist. But I grew up with him literally getting into brawls with football coaches. Amy Klobuchar

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The first real concert, other than going with my dad to see Three Dog Night, was Smashing Pumpkins and Garbage. I was fourteen or fifteen. I liked Shirley Manson because she reminded me of Annie Lennox. They both have these deep, sexy, powerful alto voices. Amy Lee

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My dad grew up really poor in Mississippi. I paid attention to that because I thought that's a healthier thing to pay attention to than, like, some statue of a great-great-great grandfather who has no connection to my life. Anderson Cooper

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I'm concerned about heart disease. I've raised money to fight heart disease; my dad died of it. Anderson Cooper

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I was always inundated with music, whether it be my mother's favorites like Fleetwood Mac and Carole King and the Carpenters, or my dad's jazz music. Andra Day

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You know my dad pushed me to believe that I was going to be the best. I just never thought of life without tennis, even looking forward. Andre Agassi

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Dad couldn't train me. He was too high-strung, like, 'Throw your jab!' and I'd start crying. Andre Ward

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I stayed in Baghdad every summer until I was 14. My dad's sister is still there, but many of my relatives have managed to get out. People forget that there are still people there who are not radicalized in any particular direction, trying to live normal lives in a very difficult situation. Andy Serkis

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My dad was working abroad, in Iraq, and he was a doctor. We used to go and visit him, in Baghdad, off and on. For the first ten years of my life, we used to go backwards and forwards to Baghdad, so that was quite amazing. I spent a lot of time traveling around the Middle East. Andy Serkis

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My dad was an editor and a writer, and that's actually what I aspired to be. Anne M. Mulcahy

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My dad was in the life insurance business, so I learned about selling when I was about 14 because I started working as a secretary. Annette Bening

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My dad was always taking photos of us at home, and even on set - he'd bring us along and stick us in the photos in the background. It was almost the beginning of acting for me, like, 'Hey, you go over there and play basketball in the background, and don't even think about the camera.' Ansel Elgort

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My dad's a photographer. So I suppose he named me Ansel just in case I would take over the family business. I guess I failed him. Ansel Elgort

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