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If you pay your credit card off every month, get a rewards card. One that gives you airline miles or that will give you 1 percent cash back at least on every purchase. Aaron Patzer

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The credit quality of junk bonds varies widely. Alex Berenson

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Tax expenditures for middle- and working-class Americans - like the earned income tax credit - aren't thought of as loopholes; they're just thought of as benefits. Alex Pareene

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Debt, we've learned, is the match that lights the fire of every crisis. Every crisis has its own set of villains - pick your favorite: bankers, regulators, central bankers, politicians, overzealous consumers, credit rating agencies - but all require one similar ingredient to create a true crisis: too much leverage. Andrew Ross Sorkin

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In a secular age, an authentic miracle must purport to be a hoax, in order to gain credit in the world. Angela Carter

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I just think a lot of people don't give credit to EDM producers or DJs. People think they're just button pushers and just get on stage and don't really perform. Ansel Elgort

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I got my first break in 'Bhootnath,' solely on my credit, and went on to sing for around 20 films for all the leading music composers. Armaan Malik

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You don't realize how much you use your credit card not even to buy things. It's a card you get so you can navigate society. Adam Carolla

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George Bush taking credit for the wall coming down is like the rooster taking credit for the sun rising. Al Gore

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Your credit report should be 100% accurate, so make sure everything is entirely correct. If something doesn't look right, dispute it. Alexa Von Tobel

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The world is divided into people who do things and people who get the credit. Alfred A. Montapert

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It is only the poor who pay cash, and that not from virtue, but because they are refused credit. Anatole France

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No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit. Andrew Carnegie

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I know that my works are a credit to this nation and I dare say they will endure longer than the McCarran Act. Arthur Miller

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I never want to make a child worried or afraid, and I don't think I do. My pictures are born from the belief that children are far more capable and aware of social complexities than we give them credit for. Anthony Browne

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I still credit Adrian Lester with being one of my biggest influences. Ashley Madekwe

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I'd never take any credit for David's music - that's all his. Angela Bowie

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I don't ever take credit for discovering anybody, except for McLovin on 'Superbad'. Allison Jones

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I very rarely use a credit card, but I do if I know I have big bills coming and I need to stagger payment. Andrea McLean

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You will not accept credit that is due to another, or harbor jealousy of an explorer who is more fortunate. Abbott L. Lowell

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There is more credit and satisfaction in being a first-rate truck driver than a tenth-rate executive. B. C. Forbes

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Lenders, including major credit companies as well as payday lenders, have taken over the traditional role of the street-corner loan shark, charging the poor insanely high rates of interest. Barbara Ehrenreich

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The Patriot Act unleashed the FBI to search your email, travel and credit records without even a suspicion of wrongdoing. Barton Gellman

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It's one thing if you write a song and somebody else sings it because you give the OK. But if your voice is on something and you don't get the credit, it's kind of hard. Bebe Rexha

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Consumers going through foreclosure typically will see their credit scores drop, raising longer-term questions about their ability to rebound financially and perhaps pursue a more sustainable home purchase at some later point. Ben Bernanke

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To the extent that bank panics interfere with normal flows of credit, they may affect the performance of the real economy. Ben Bernanke

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As you know, in the latter part of 2008 and early 2009, the Federal Reserve took extraordinary steps to provide liquidity and support credit market functioning, including the establishment of a number of emergency lending facilities and the creation or extension of currency swap agreements with 14 central banks around the world. Ben Bernanke

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Yes, Americans can still get credit for cars and trucks and refrigerators, and those businesses are doing well. But just try to get a home loan now. Ben Stein

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Remember that credit is money. Benjamin Franklin

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What Wall Street and credit card companies are doing is really not much different from what gangsters and loan sharks do who make predatory loans. While the bankers wear three-piece suits and don't break the knee caps of those who can't pay back, they still are destroying people's lives. Bernie Sanders

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