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If you pay your credit card off every month, get a rewards card. One that gives you airline miles or that will give you 1 percent cash back at least on every purchase. Aaron Patzer

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You don't realize how much you use your credit card not even to buy things. It's a card you get so you can navigate society. Adam Carolla

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There are many random, unprotected sites online that appear safe to use and are ready to accept credit card information. You wouldn't give a stranger off the street your credit card information, so be extra cautious about who you are sharing it with online. Alexa Von Tobel

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We must take away the government's credit card. With limits on both tax revenue and borrowing, the Federal government would finally be forced to get serious about spending cuts. Alan Keyes

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I very rarely use a credit card, but I do if I know I have big bills coming and I need to stagger payment. Andrea McLean

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When I turned fifteen, I remember my father gave me a credit card which I was allowed to use for two things: emergencies and books. Ann Brashares

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What Wall Street and credit card companies are doing is really not much different from what gangsters and loan sharks do who make predatory loans. While the bankers wear three-piece suits and don't break the knee caps of those who can't pay back, they still are destroying people's lives. Bernie Sanders

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Former Senator Al D'Amato in 1991 offered an amendment to cap credit card interest rates at 14 percent. Bernie Sanders

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You stick a credit card in a machine, and you pay $3 or whatever it is to get cash - your own money. Bill Janklow

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They're pushing credit cards. They don't take Visa, but they do take American Express, or they don't take this one, but they take that one, or you'd better bring this one, or if you forget who you are, look on your credit card; it will be there. Bill Janklow

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Making a big Hollywood film that really affects people is as hard as making a small movie on a credit card. Cameron Crowe

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Procrastination is like a credit card: it's a lot of fun until you get the bill. Christopher Parker

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When you shop online, wouldn't you like to sample the bouquet of wines, the aroma of cigars, or the subtle fragrance of flowers before surrendering your credit card number? Surely more companies will want to aromatize their Web presence when they realize there's a device that can produce genuinely pleasing, authentic fragrances. Charles Platt

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Whenever I've been well-known or hitting the press, I've always had to get my credit card out to prove I'm Damien Hirst. Damien Hirst

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Being on food stamps can be demeaning. Cashiers know the difference between the new plastic SNAP cards and a credit card. Some food stamp recipients say some cashiers have made them feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. Donna Brazile

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Everything we do in the digital realm - from surfing the Web to sending an e-mail to conducting a credit card transaction to, yes, making a phone call - creates a data trail. And if that trail exists, chances are someone is using it - or will be soon enough. Douglas Rushkoff

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I'm a neurotic Jew who doesn't want loans. I can't even carry a balance on my credit card without having a nervous breakdown. Duff Goldman

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You have two pages, that's the whole credit card agreement. The terms are clear and flat and easy to see so anyone can read them. So you could lay four credit cards in front of you and say, 'Oh, that's the one that has the highest rate, that's the one that has the really scary provision that could hurt me.' Elizabeth Warren

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Credit card agreements run as long as 30 pages, and it's 30 pages of largely incomprehensible text. Elizabeth Warren

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I'm very interested in the more grass-roots consequences of the economic meltdown: issues related to mortgage foreclosures, debt collection, and the practices of credit card companies and others who hold a lot of consumer debt. Eric Schneiderman

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I can walk into a bookstore and hand over my credit card and they don't know who the hell I am. Maybe that says something about bookstore clerks. E. L. Doctorow

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I use a credit card for everything - and I choose one of the ones which gives you money back. Frank Abagnale

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It's really frustrating when you're an identity-theft victim, and you go to the police and you say, 'This guy in Florida, he stole my name and got a credit card - this is his address,' and they say, 'We don't have jurisdiction in Florida. You need to go to the FBI.' Frank Abagnale

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No other facet of American business is more corrupt, more intoxicated with illegality, more weakly regulated, and has a greater impact on poor and working people than debt collectors; not credit card companies or subprime mortgages, not even payday lenders. Gary Weiss

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Sometimes entire categories of craigslist are rendered nearly unusable by spam. Con artists prowl the listings, paying sellers with fake cashier's checks and luring buyers to share their credit card numbers. Gary Wolf

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L'Oreal's slogan 'because you're worth it' has come to epitomise banal narcissism of early 21st century capitalism; easy indulgence and effortless self-love all available at a flick of the credit card. Geoff Mulgan

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Credit card interest payments are the dumbest money of all. Hill Harper

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If you have a debt issue or credit card issue, start dealing with it. If you have a tax issue, don't just say, 'I'm not going to file.' There are ways to deal with these things, but you must communicate with your creditors, whether it's a credit card company or tax department. Hill Harper

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A check or credit card, a Gucci bag strap, anything of value will do. Give as you live. Jesse Jackson

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Simply calling your credit card issuer and asking them to lower your interest rate may yield immediate savings. Jean Chatzky

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