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Sometimes running for Congress is a four-year strategy in terms of getting out there and building a network. Artur Davis

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In 2010, we have to focus on electing a new Congress and in 2012 we have to focus on electing a new president. Andrew P. Harris

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Gabby Giffords was a mentor of mine in the state Legislature and also in Congress. Ann Kirkpatrick

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I received orders from Congress to proceed to Charleston in South Carolina, for the purpose of Co'operating with General Lincoln in the defense of that Capitol. Abraham Whipple

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Members of Congress have more in common with the people they hobnob in Washington, D.C., than they do with the people they're supposed to represent. Ben Shapiro

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It is time for Congress to save the Postal Service, not dismantle it. Bernie Sanders

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I have introduced a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and make it clear that the Congress and state legislatures do have the ability and the power to regulate and get corporate funding out of political campaigns. Bernie Sanders

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Unlike the United States Congress, which mostly forbids outside employment, state legislatures are generally composed of people with other careers. Bill Dedman

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The ability of Texas Republicans to be effective in Congress is based on having at least 218 Republicans in the House. Bill Flores

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Every member of Congress has highways in their district. Blake Farenthold

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We've got the power of the purse in the Congress. Blake Farenthold

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Serving in Congress has been the honor of a lifetime. Bob Ehrlich

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Republicans will own Congress. Bob Corker

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If we had decided on January 5, in the new House of Representatives, to make no new spending bills, the debt ceiling would've still been hit, because, those are bills that are coming in as a result of purchases and commitments made by the administration and the previous Congress. Bill Johnson

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I am the first podiatrist to serve in the U.S. Congress. Brad Wenstrup

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Under our constitutional system, the executive executes the laws that Congress has passed. It should not be executing laws that Congress has rejected. Charles Krauthammer

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One of the first members of Congress I met when I was first elected in 2008 was Barney Frank. Chellie Pingree

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When you're elected to Congress, you take a vow to uphold the Constitution and its system of checks and balances. That vow doesn't say, 'Unless it's politically uncomfortable.' Chellie Pingree

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There have been high crimes and misdemeanors, but they have been committed by the special prosecutor and the Congress, not the president. Donella Meadows

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Every member in Congress has a seat, and they deserve a seat at the table. Dan Webster

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All I want to do is get back to a principle-based Congress. Dan Webster

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I have one desire: That is to have a principle-based, member-driven Congress. Period. That's what I want. Dan Webster

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Give a member of Congress a junket and a mimeograph machine and he thinks he is secretary of state. Dean Rusk

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I came to Congress to help reduce spending. Dave Reichert

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When Congress legislates in haste, it often causes more problems than it solves. But Congress rarely reconsiders its mistakes. David Malpass

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I was never supposed to make it to Congress. I was a staff person. Dan Maffei

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My last comment was, though, that Congress has cooked the books. Don Nickles

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I continued to serve in Congress until 2001. David Minge

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Pigs are smarter than dogs, and both are smarter than Congress. Elayne Boosler

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